The Search for the Sauce

The Search for the Sauce

When my family and I took a vacation to Fundy National Park, I was obsessed with the cocktail sauce Fundy Take-Out served with its fried seafood platter.

I did some research and finally found out what it was called: Olde Style, distributed by Lynch Foods. So tasty! It was like cocktail sauce that I’m accustomed to, but with a punch. How did I find out?

I messaged Fundy takeout and asked what sauce they serve with the fried seafood platter! I finally found the brand of cocktail sauce!!! When I tried googling, I typed in old tyme and old bay kept piping up, but it was called “olde style”. Fundy told me it was oldestye, but that didn’t pop up, so I deduced it was olde style! Yippy:)

Unfortunately the company Lynch Foods only distributes it to companies, and I don’t see them selling them in stores to consumers 🙁 at least not internationally.

Happy and sad at the same time!

Last Day at FUNdy

Day 12: Sunday, 7/22

Fundy National Park, New Brunswick, Canada

Downtime was in order.

Our last full day camping at Fundy National Park was spent packing up our stuff. Kai had fun playing inside our Airstream with all of his toys. We even bought him a toy box and filled it with some toys he got from his 2nd birthday party.

Relax + Pool Time

That afternoon, we went to the saltwater swimming pool at Fundy National Park one last time. Kai had fun while we got to have some family fun.

These are photos of the view from the parking lot of the saltwater swimming pool at Fundy National Park.

Seafood Dinner

That evening we ordered some fried seafood from Fundy Take-out. We were pleasantly surprised that it included a steamed piece of lobster tail! Their fried clams were so delicious! I especially loved the cocktail sauce they served with the platter. Read, my post about my search for the sauce, to find out what brand of sauce they use.

The Gift Shop

I really wanted to check out the gift shop there. It was right inside the Fundy Visitors Center, near Headquarters Campground. We also noticed there was another one further down towards the Sussex direction on our way out.

It was quite small, but I ended up finding a really cute moose t-shirt for Kai! For some reason, I think the toddler sizes in Canada might be smaller than the sizes in the U.S. Kai is usually a 3T in the U.S., but the t-shirt I picked up was a 4T. It fits him perfectly.

We had a great time at Fundy National Park!

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Full-Time Mommy in Training, Present!

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Waterside Beach

Day 11 Afternoon: Saturday, July 21st

RI is currently experiencing a heat wave. Perfect day to hit up the beach:) How appropriate is this post!

Waterside Beach, New Brunswick, Canada

We decided to go to Waterside Beach after our hike at Dickson Falls Trail.

How did we find out about this beach? Well, we noticed some cars parked on the side of the road on our way back from our day trip to Hopewell Rocks. It seems like this was one of the beaches that locals like to go to.

One of the things that attracted me to this particular beach was the soft sand.

The beaches we had been to in the area were all very rocky. This beach was very muddy, but perfect for Kai to dig in and find different creatures!

And it wasn’t crowded when we went. It also might have been due to the fact that it was cloudy when we went in the afternoon.

Waterside Beach was a wonderful place for our two-year old son to play! We had an amazing time there and were happy to have brought our chairs instead of sitting on a blanket.

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Dickson Falls Trail

Day 11 Morning: Saturday, July 21st

Dickson Falls Trail, Fundy National Park, Canada

In the morning we ate a hearty breakfast and drove our truck to the parking area of the Dickson Fall Trail, a moderate one. The parking lot was already full! I guess it’s a pretty popular trail.

It was a whole family affair: hubby, me, our two-year old son, Kai and our 3-year old Cairn terrier, Stanley, got there around 10:30am. Leashed dogs are allowed on the trail, which we appreciated.

The Dickson Falls trail is definitely worth checking out! So beautiful.

We didn’t have to put in a lot of effort to see such natural beauty!

We all had a wonderful time, and I was happy to have brought my Tamron zoom lens! The image stabilization is amazing.

I enjoyed snapping away while hiking. Kai had a blast picking up sticks and rocks and giving them all to us:) Stanley loves hiking in general and always does so well too!

Would we recommend the Dickson Falls Trail? Yes, most definitely!

Dinner in Alma and Communal Campfire

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Day Trip: Hopewell Rocks

Day 10: Friday, July 20th

Hopewell Rocks, Hopewell Cape, NB, Canada

Hopewell Rocks was a must-see! We took a day trip there while our family went on a road trip to visit Fundy National Park. We even got to bring our dog, our Cairn Terrier named Stanley!

It was about a 45 minute drive from Fundy National Park. And, it was $12/person for entrance. It did allow for a two-day consecutive visit. But, we only went for one day. When we got tickets, the ticket attendants did make us sign a waiver for our dog. We had to keep him on leash, etc. This was for liability issues.

All of us hiked down to the water when it was low tide. They have schedule for when visitors are allowed to visit listed on their website. If you click the PDF file for the month you plan to visit, you can see a chart. Whatever is highlighted in yellow is the time frame they allow Ocean Floor access. It’s pretty much 3.5 hours before and 3.5 after low tide.

We picked a great week to visit the Bay of Fundy because low tide was right in the middle of the day, so we were able to see the exposed ocean floor and explore a little.

The hike down to the Flower Pots was downhill. There were some stairs and ramps too! Kai walked the whole way down.

At the bottom, where the ocean floor was exposed, there was as ranger who was there balancing rocks. Some kids joined in on the fun and tried to make some neat creations. It was fairly rocky and there were sections towards the water that was extremely muddy and dirty.

Of course, Kai loves to play in the mud.  His legs were covered by the time we left. We were very prepared and brought his water shoes and swim shorts. He wore those down to the ocean floor are. And, then on the way back, there was a water station. It was pretty much a little spray section to allow visitors to clean mud off before hiking back up to the parking lot.

Lunch Time

We opted not to buy lunch at the cafe there.

Instead, we brought packed lunches and left them in our Yeti Cooler in the truck. Michael was absolutely obsessed with wanting to get this one below for our road trip. But, we found the zipper to be very tight to pull, especially around the corners. It was very tough for me when I tried it in stores at Bass Pro Shops.

So, we ended up getting this Yeti Cooler for our road trip instead. We appreciate the shoulder strap, and we like the fact that we only need to pull the zipper across the cooler and not around the corners.

Anyways, we store Kai’s milk in it and our sandwiches, fruits, and other snacks that need to remain cool/cold. And, we use our reusuable Yeti Ice pack in there too!

On our way back to Fundy National Park, we ate our packed lunches. And Kai took a long nap.

Pool Time

That afternoon, after Kai’s nap, we decided to cool down at the park’s saltwater swimming pool! It’s free with a park pass! Kai had so much fun.

One thing we didn’t realize was in Canada, at least the areas we went to, they don’t allow regular arm floaties in the pool. They only allow puddle jumpers (the ones when the attached chest piece). A lifeguard told me after I took the pictures.


It was nice to cool off in the saltwater pool at the national park. Kai had such a wonderful time playing in the water! We loved the shallow end where there were some water squirters. The pool also carried infant and children life vests to borrow along with some pool noodles:)

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Herring Cove Beach at Fundy

Day 9: Thursday, 7/19

Herring Cove Beach Exploration at Fundy National Park

The first full day we were at Fundy National Park, we joined in on another ranger-led program at Herring Cove Beach.  The program began at 10:30am. We got there just after 11am and spotted the group down at the beach.

They were all looking for creatures and wildlife under rocks and shells. Thank goodness we brought Kai’s bathing suit bottoms and water shoes.

After the hike down wooden stairs, we came to a very muddy and rocky area. It was low tide, so we were standing on the ocean floor.

Herring Cove Beach was pretty magnificent!

Exploring the ocean floor was very fun. You do have to be aware and watch your step because the rocks are pretty sharp.

The rangers did a wonderful job. They asked everyone to find creatures. Afterwards, they collected all the specimens and explained what it was everyone found:)

It was a fun morning of exploration at Herring Cove Beach with the Fundy National Park rangers.

Our second day at Fundy National Park was very eventful! It was nice to participate in another ranger-led program. The story time our first evening there was aimed at kids, and this particular program was appropriate and appealed to people of all ages!

Alma Town Exploration

After our Herring Cove Beach exploration, we decided to eat lunch back at our campsite. Then, it was almost nap time for our two-year old son, Kai.

We decided to head into town (Alma) and walk around a little. We bought some groceries at the little market at the gas station, called the Fundy General Store. They carried produce and bottled water = essentials.

When Kai napped, we did some light souvenir shopping. I was in search for a mug for the camper. There were plenty of mugs but none I liked. Unfortunately, no luck!

London, England

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Headquarters Campground at FUNdy National Park

Days 8 – 13 : Wednesday, 7/18 – Monday, 7/23

Headquarters Campground at Fundy National Park

We booked a full hookup campsite at the Headquarters Campground for a week in the summer.

At the Headquarters Campground at Fundy National Park, there were no individual fire pits. They had community fire pits spread throughout the campground.

Kai absolutely loved the playground. It was very unique! Downside: the playground and pool were pretty far. We definitely needed to drive or ride our bikes.


Canadian National Parks are so amazing with their rules about allowing dogs on their hiking trails. That was one of main reasons we were looking forward to bringing Stanley, our Cairn terrier.

Stanley had such an amazing time on our hikes and getting some fresh air!

Bike Riding

We enjoyed riding our bikes to the playground, but the saltwater pool was too far and far too hilly for us to ride. Since Kai cannot ride a bike of his own just yet, we love our bike trailer. Michael pulls him with it, and it’s perfect!

Dark Sky Preserve

One major shocker at the campground: they advertise there’s a dark sky preserve at the park, which I totally believe. However, at our campground, they had these large and bright street lights. It was safe because we could see clearly at night, but it was not helpful to see the stars at night.


The water here had a rusty taste to it. Of course, I didn’t use it for drinking. I just got a bad taste when I used it to brush my teeth and when I was bathing. The rust (to me) was very overwhelming. Michael said he didn’t notice it.


it was $3 a load here! Double the price of laundry compared to Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park in Woodstock, Canada. And, the machines here were very old and not has efficient. I also noticed the washer was all rusty inside. My suspicions = rust in the water = proving my theory.

It caught my off guard, in a good way.

We thoroughly enjoyed our week-long camping trip to Fundy National Park. Prior to our trip, I was very nervous we weren’t going to have enough activities to keep our two-year old occupied. Soon after we arrived, we realized FUNdy is such a family-oriented Canadian national park.

Full-Time Mommy in Training, Present!

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Hiking the Maliseet Trail

Day 7: Tuesday, 7/17

Maliseet Trail

The last full day we were camping at Jellystone New Brunswick, I found a hike for us to do! It was less than a 20-minute drive from our campground called the Maliseet Trail, located in Meductic, New Brunswick. It was an out and back moderate trail to a waterfall.

Stanley did an amazing job on the hike. He loves hiking.

Kai’s first real hike

It was supposed to take 1.5 hours in total. It took us just under 3 hours:) But we were very proud of Kai. He hiked the WHOLE way to the falls! All by himself. And, he only fell twice! No big gashes or anything. Just a few little scrapes.

We were happy to have made the decision to invest in this teal BabySteps carrier prior to our trip! When Kai was an infant we used the Baby Bjorn, but the max weight was about 25lbs. After he began taking his first steps, we just relied on the stroller and his legs/feet 🙂 This carrier was reasonably priced and holds toddlers up to 44lbs.

I carried the carrier without Kai while hiking, and Michael used it by strapping Kai on his back for hiking.

It was raining heavily so we were all covered in mud when we got back to the truck.

Lunch, Nap & Packing

We packed sandwiches for lunch and ate in the car on the way back to our campground. Kai took a long nap! We were able to transfer him from his car seat to the trailer without a problem.

It rained/thundered a lot that afternoon so we weren’t able to go to the water park where we were staying. We were able to just relax inside our Airstream and pack up some stuff so we were ready for our next stop: Fundy National Park!

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Woodstock, eh?

Days 4 – 8: Sunday, 7/15 – Wednesday, 7/18

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Campground, Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada

We crossed the Canadian border for the first time with Kai and Stanley! It was a breeze. No line at all. The officer didn’t even ask to see Stanley’s papers.  Woodstock was literally right over the border.

125X125_1_Graphic Banner/Text_24hrs>Forbesbutton

There was an hour time difference. They are one hour ahead of EST. It worked out perfectly because we were able to check in when we got there, just before 1pm.

After we set up shop, we were famished! I asked a park ranger for a recommendation for food, and she said Murray’s which was inside of Irving Gas Station. It was literally a 2-minute drive to get there.

It was a homestyle diner kinda place. Not bad. Food food was nothing to rave about. LOVED the strawberry shortcake. Biscuit and fresh strawberries made the dessert.

That first afternoon there we took Kai to the water park. We all had a blast!

Jellystone Park New Brunswick

We stayed a total of four nights.

I had been wanting to visit a Jellystone Park. We loved the campsite we were given. Even though it was a bit farther from the main attractions, we enjoyed not hearing the cars passing along the highway. We were right next to the washrooms and laundry facilities = perfect, since there was no sewer hookup in the campground.

None of the sites here have sewer hookups. Only water and electric. They have three sewer stations. During our stay, we ended up showering and washing our dishes in the washroom.

I also did a load of laundry.

Included amenities/attractions: mini golf, bounce houses/obstacle courses, large water slides, basketball court, various playgrounds, hayrides every evening with Yogi bear himself, and a huge water play area with two additional (smaller) slides.

The only thing it did not have was a dog park for Stanley, our Cairn Terrier.


Our Routine

Our routine was wonderful while we were there.  In the morning we either went to the inflatable bouncy things, or played mini golf or just did something dry. Then in the afternoon (after his nap) we would go to the water park.

It was nice to have mini golf included because I had been wanting to take Kai and pay, but I wasn’t sure how he would do. He loved picking up all of our golf balls (after our initial swings) and putting them into the hole =p

Overall, Kai and our entire family thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Woodstock, NB at the Jellystone Campground. It had activities to keep all of us entertained.

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