Since their once-in-a-lifetime trip across all fifty U.S. states, Michael and Christina have been living and working in Rhode Island. Michael is an accountant and financial advisor while Christina is a stay-at-home mom to Stanley, a Cairn terrier they adopted in 2015, and Kai, their only child who was born in 2016.

While Michael isn’t working he enjoys traveling with his family. He also likes hanging with his buddies and going hiking and fishing. Christina appreciates tasty food, reading on her Kindle while Kai naps, spending time with family and friends, taking pictures, working on crafts, and has a strong passion for traveling, exploring and learning. Kai and Stanley also both enjoy exploring and getting into trouble.

They recently bought a RV travel trailer and will be taking a few family and guys-only trips.

Follow us on our journey while we figure out how to navigate our new travel trailer and our perspectives on traveling with a toddler and a dog.