Hello, everybody! I’m Christina.

Growing up, I wasn’t forced to do chores, and I didn’t get a weekly allowance. My family did celebrate Chinese New Year, and I saved all the money from my red envelopes to use on our annual trips around the world.

We had a restaurant in the suburbs of New York, and my mother had a hunger for travel. My parents would close the small business for a few weeks to two months in the summer (while I was on school vacation) so we could see the world!

I never really gave it much thought when I was younger because it was just what we did.

As I got older, I truly appreciated visiting new places and had a strong fascination in other people’s cultures and everyday lives.

After working in Shanghai, I worked full-time at a university for four years while getting my Master’s degree. Work smarter. Live smarter. Did you know that most colleges will pay most, if not all of your tuition, if you are a full-time employee? Read about how I got my MBA for free here!

I honestly had no idea which direction I wanted to go in after I graduated in 2014.

At the time, I was engaged to my now-husband, Michael, who I met online. I had traveled to 30 countries at that time, but only a handful had been U.S. states: mostly to Disney World or Land with parents or to D.C. or Denver for work.

We both talked long and hard and made a bold decision to quit our jobs and take a road trip across all fifty states. It took us six months. You can read about our experience here.

Because we lived in a dinky one-bedroom apartment, we saved a lot of money.

Looking back, I wish we had documented our expenses and made those accessible to folks who might have found them useful.

Fast forward to now…
Seasonal travelers.

Our marriage, house, dog (Stanley) and son (Kai) keep us very busy while we are not planning to travel, or traveling.

My hobbies include:
Spending time with family and friends
Planning realistic and budget-friendly trips
Experiencing new places, food, cultures
Taking pictures of special moments
Working and talking with people
Getting inspired by others
Reading books on my Kindle
Playing and watching tennis
Creating memories with loved ones
Doing crafts and being creative with Kai

Our family's Airstream

We recently bought an Airstream Classic 30′ RV and have been taking a few family trips. While we are not using our travel trailer, we will be renting it out. If anyone is interested in renting, here is the link.

Follow us on our journey while we figure out how to navigate our new Airstream and our perspectives on traveling with a toddler and a dog.

I have a lot of hobbies, I will be blogging on a variety of topics of interest. I would love to hear from you, so please leave comments:)


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