Day Trip: Hopewell Rocks

Day 10: Friday, July 20th

Hopewell Rocks, Hopewell Cape, NB, Canada

Hopewell Rocks was a must-see! We took a day trip there while our family went on a road trip to visit Fundy National Park. We even got to bring our dog, our Cairn Terrier named Stanley!

It was about a 45 minute drive from Fundy National Park. And, it was $12/person for entrance. It did allow for a two-day consecutive visit. But, we only went for one day. When we got tickets, the ticket attendants did make us sign a waiver for our dog. We had to keep him on leash, etc. This was for liability issues.

All of us hiked down to the water when it was low tide. They have schedule for when visitors are allowed to visit listed on their website. If you click the PDF file for the month you plan to visit, you can see a chart. Whatever is highlighted in yellow is the time frame they allow Ocean Floor access. It’s pretty much 3.5 hours before and 3.5 after low tide.

We picked a great week to visit the Bay of Fundy because low tide was right in the middle of the day, so we were able to see the exposed ocean floor and explore a little.

The hike down to the Flower Pots was downhill. There were some stairs and ramps too! Kai walked the whole way down.

At the bottom, where the ocean floor was exposed, there was as ranger who was there balancing rocks. Some kids joined in on the fun and tried to make some neat creations. It was fairly rocky and there were sections towards the water that was extremely muddy and dirty.

Of course, Kai loves to play in the mud.  His legs were covered by the time we left. We were very prepared and brought his water shoes and swim shorts. He wore those down to the ocean floor are. And, then on the way back, there was a water station. It was pretty much a little spray section to allow visitors to clean mud off before hiking back up to the parking lot.

Lunch Time

We opted not to buy lunch at the cafe there.

Instead, we brought packed lunches and left them in our Yeti Cooler in the truck. Michael was absolutely obsessed with wanting to get this one below for our road trip. But, we found the zipper to be very tight to pull, especially around the corners. It was very tough for me when I tried it in stores at Bass Pro Shops.

So, we ended up getting this Yeti Cooler for our road trip instead. We appreciate the shoulder strap, and we like the fact that we only need to pull the zipper across the cooler and not around the corners.

Anyways, we store Kai’s milk in it and our sandwiches, fruits, and other snacks that need to remain cool/cold. And, we use our reusuable Yeti Ice pack in there too!

On our way back to Fundy National Park, we ate our packed lunches. And Kai took a long nap.

Pool Time

That afternoon, after Kai’s nap, we decided to cool down at the park’s saltwater swimming pool! It’s free with a park pass! Kai had so much fun.

One thing we didn’t realize was in Canada, at least the areas we went to, they don’t allow regular arm floaties in the pool. They only allow puddle jumpers (the ones when the attached chest piece). A lifeguard told me after I took the pictures.


It was nice to cool off in the saltwater pool at the national park. Kai had such a wonderful time playing in the water! We loved the shallow end where there were some water squirters. The pool also carried infant and children life vests to borrow along with some pool noodles:)

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