Hiking the Maliseet Trail

Day 7: Tuesday, 7/17

Maliseet Trail

The last full day we were camping at Jellystone New Brunswick, I found a hike for us to do! It was less than a 20-minute drive from our campground called the Maliseet Trail, located in Meductic, New Brunswick. It was an out and back moderate trail to a waterfall.

Stanley did an amazing job on the hike. He loves hiking.

Kai’s first real hike

It was supposed to take 1.5 hours in total. It took us just under 3 hours:) But we were very proud of Kai. He hiked the WHOLE way to the falls! All by himself. And, he only fell twice! No big gashes or anything. Just a few little scrapes.

We were happy to have made the decision to invest in this teal BabySteps carrier prior to our trip! When Kai was an infant we used the Baby Bjorn, but the max weight was about 25lbs. After he began taking his first steps, we just relied on the stroller and his legs/feet 🙂 This carrier was reasonably priced and holds toddlers up to 44lbs.

I carried the carrier without Kai while hiking, and Michael used it by strapping Kai on his back for hiking.

It was raining heavily so we were all covered in mud when we got back to the truck.

Lunch, Nap & Packing

We packed sandwiches for lunch and ate in the car on the way back to our campground. Kai took a long nap! We were able to transfer him from his car seat to the trailer without a problem.

It rained/thundered a lot that afternoon so we weren’t able to go to the water park where we were staying. We were able to just relax inside our Airstream and pack up some stuff so we were ready for our next stop: Fundy National Park!

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