The silver bullet

Where to begin

We took the leap and joined the Airstream family this year! Let’s just say 2018 has been a very jam-packed year.

Ever since we decided camping with an RV was doable and more importantly, enjoyable, Michael has had his heart set on getting an Airstream.


He’s the type of person who truly dives into every little detail before we make a purchase. Once he has his eye on something he will obsess about it for days, weeks, months before I finally give in. It’s funny because we have similar personalities, but we prioritize or “obsess” over different things.He’s more materialistic, while I’m more experiential, if that makes sense…

For instance, he’s into the next big Apple release, gaming system, watch, or car. I’m into getting massages, going on vacation, and truly enjoy being social. He needs his items while I need my experiences and people:)

He’s very go with the flow; I’m very into knowing what to expect. He’s more of a reactor and I’m uncomfortable when something doesn’t go the way I had envisioned.

Maybe that’s why we get along so well. We are different yet similar. Any who, we have made it this far. And we both made the decision to make this BIG purchase.

The model

It is a brand new 2018 Airstream Classic 30RB with a queen bed. When we took our trip up to Vermont we were simply getting an idea as to what we wanted. Prior to the visit to Pete’s RV in Vermont, we had never stepped foot in an Airstream.

The smaller ones had things we just didn’t like. We ended up getting the 30 footer, with the nicer countertops and drawers.

Our first test trip was the day after we got back from Europe. We picked up Stanley from his doggie hotel in the morning. Drove five hours up to Vermont. Stayed in a hotel. Woke up. Went to Pete’s RV in South Burlington, VT. Did the walk through. And voila.

Bumps along the way

We did encounter some hiccups. I guess there was a little crack in our shower. It was covered under warranty so they scheduled someone to fix it ASAP. Phew! Dodged that bullet.

After we did a test run at Apple Island Resort in South Hero, VT, we noticed a few minor issues. It’s ironic because most people rave about Airstream’s attention to detail and design. Overall, it’s such a better trailer than the one we had. However, with more technology and moving parts comes more know-how and more ‘things that can go wrong’.

We picked up the Airstream on a Friday. We reached out to our sales guy, Jake, on Saturday morning about the issues we were having. Then, we decided to go and check out a farm so Kai could feed the goats.

By the afternoon he had Randy, the head Airstream service guy, reach out to us about sending a guy, Zach (a technician), over on Sunday morning.

He came right to our campsite and started fixing up a few things while Kai pestered him the whole time. Kai wanted to be his little helper!

We left on Sunday morning right after Zach finished up. We got in touch with Randy about the hot water, which was the only main issue we had.

What’s Next?

Our family is super excited to be official Airstreamers! We found out it fits snugly in our driveway, woot woot. So, we just need to start getting out on the road and explore.

Our first real trip (aside from the VT test trip): Maine + Canada for a little over 2 weeks! Here’s our planned route via

Oh also, if you have any questions about the specific issues we were having or have any questions about RVing in general, feel free to leave a note in the comment section.