RVing with the fam!

It’s safe to say our first time camping was a HUGE success! We were surprised at how well our son adjusted to the change. We were away for a total of 5 nights and 6 days and decided to stay at a campground that was about 40 minutes from our house in case there was an emergency.


Our toddler was so tired from running around and playing at the campground he fell asleep almost instantaneously.  Also, we typically co-sleep with him, but he surprised us by telling us he wanted to sleep on his own!


Our Cairn terrier, Stanley, absolutely loved playing at the dog park and socializing with all his little pup pals.


My husband and I hadn’t gone camping in an RV prior to this experience. When we did our road trip across all fifty states, we were in a regular tent or stayed in hotels along the way. We have learned that it takes a little while to set everything up. And take everything down.

In conclusion, we are planning to go to less places and spending more time to savor the experience!

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