DIY Cake Banner Topper

This year for our son’s 2nd birthday we are going to create a donut tower for his birthday “cake”. I want to add some additional theme-related decorations, but I ended up getting a quote for some customized cookies from a local bakery, and it was going to be between $7-$10 per cookie, depending on the amount of detail.

I decided to make my own cake topper for Kai’s 2nd birthday party. I used a glue gun, a glue stick, some twine, some cardboard from a cake box, some leftover burlap ribbon from Christmas, two skewers we have at home from our BBQ days, and I went to Walmart and picked up a sheet of black foam letter stickers for $2.

I cut out cardboard rectangular/flag shapes and then the burlap strips to match the cardboard. I glued the burlap on the cardboard using my glue stick. Then I stuck a foam letter on each of the shapes. I spelled out “kai is two”.

Then I used hot glue and glued some twine to the top of the cardboard shapes. I also glued the ends of twine to the top of the two skewers and then kept going with the 2nd and 3rd tiers.

I’m not sure how I feel about the ends because I ended up wrapping some extra ribbon around the skewer where I hot glued the twine…but I tried my best.

Here’s how it came out!

Thanks for reading! Happy crafting:)

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