Old San Juan

Wednesday, 2/21/18
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Docked: 7am
All Aboard: 12:30pm

Our ship docked right in Old San Juan at 7am. Kai woke up right at 6:45am, so I got him dressed. My mom, Kai and I went exploring! My dad slept in.

We brought his stroller and planned to just walk around. As we were getting off the ship, we saw a beautiful rainbow.

Outside, there were lots of people asking us if we wanted a tour. I saw two men just finishing their run. I asked them where Old San Juan was, and they said we are there already. We were right in front of the Sheraton Old San Juan. They asked where we wanted to go. I said we just wanted to walk around and explore the area for about an hour. The older guy recommended we walk to the Old Fort. The other guy let us know that if we are heading uphill, that’s towards the fort and downhill is towards the port. They said going there and back would take us an hour and ten minutes. We thanked them.

And we were off! My mom was nervous and kept asking many people along our stroll where this was, but I just kept walking with Kai. It wasn’t long before we arrived at the abandoned fort. It was overlooking La Perla community which was above the ocean.

It was really bright that morning. Along our walk, we noticed the stores had yet to be opened.  I guess it was early based on PR standards. There were remnants from the hurricane, but it wasn’t so bad. There were some noticeable damage to the buildings, but everything near the port seemed okay. As we made our way back along the cobblestone roads, we noticed more and more stores were opening up.

The whole walk took us just under an hour, including the little stop at the old fort for some pictures. As we approached our ship, it started pouring outside! Thank goodness we were only about 100 ft away from shelter. Boy were we glad we ventured out before the rain.

We went back to our cabin, where my dad was still sleeping. We asked him if he wanted to join us for breakfast, but he said no. So we just went upstairs to grab some food. Kai ate a lot because we went out for a morning stroll.

After exploring the city, the rest of the day went by pretty fast. Kai had so much fun playing in the pool with another boy, who was about 3 years old. The other boy had a small water gun, so they were sharing toys. Kai had a lot of fun spraying the water gun. Although, I don’t particularly like the idea of using a water gun. I know, I know, a bit strange. But, I don’t know when would even be an appropriate age to introduce gun toys at this point. Whether it’s water guns, toy guns, or even those Nerf shooters. I know I just won’t be buying him any gun toys anytime soon. We will see what daddy thinks about this haha.

Puerto Rico was the cruise ship’s last stop! It’s finally time to wrap up our trip. Although we still have two more sea days before we return to New York. Dun dun dun…

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