Cave in Barbados


Monday, 2/19/18
Bridgetown, Barbados
Docked: 8am
All Aboard: 4:30pm

After speaking with the shore excursion staff on board the cruise ship, the Harrison’s Cave tour with the scenic drive was all full.

We decided to just take a taxi up there. Our ship docked at a location, which was a 10-minute walk to where the port shops and activities were located. They offered a shuttle bus to bring us back and forth, which was very convenient.

We walked through the shops, and we were stopped by a man who asked if we wanted a taxi. And, we walked outside and waited for a few more people to join us to visit Harrison’s Cave. It was supposed to be $25/person to go. It would have been $75 (the group rate).

After about 15 minutes Kai was getting fidgety, so we decided to just take a cab ourselves. It turned out it is $80 to take a round-trip taxi from the port.

Steve Jackson was our driver, and he was very nice. He gave us a mini tour of the island on our drive up there. He explained that the two main industries in Barbados are sugar and tourism. He pointed out “Rihanna Drive”, a road/highway the government dedicated to Rihanna. He showed us where her family grew up. He even brought us to a little market at a gas station because Kai really wanted milk. He kept asking for it. I think he was already getting tired.

At the convenience store, they accepted USD, but they only gave back Barbados Dollars in change. Also they only sold flavored milks in small juice box-type containers. The plain whole milk they sold was the size of a half gallon. And, I didn’t bring a sippy cup for Kai. So, I ended up buying him vanilla flavored milk. They had vanilla, chocolate, pineapple, and banana I think.


Kai pretty much inhaled that vanilla milk. I think he loved it! I tried a sip and boy was it sweet. On the ride up there and back, he was very intrigued with all the cyclists out on the roads. He also noticed my dad was sitting on the left front side of the car, and said, “Gong Gong driving.” We ended up correcting him and said no, “Jackson is our taxi driver.” Kai said, “Hi, Jackson, driver. Driving taxi.” It’s interesting that he distinguished the differences because in the States the driver is usually on the left-front side.

The admission to the cave was about $30 USD per person for the tram tour, not including Kai. So my mom paid $91 USD.

When we entered the courtyard, Kai kept saying “jungle, jungle jungle”. We watched this documentary on Netflix, where we saw animals in the jungle.

We took the elevator down and arrived at this other jungle-looking area where we went inside the Information Center. The tour guide directed us to watch a movie after we all gathered in the waiting area.


Kai noticed a lizard in the courtyard, and I saw a really beautiful hummingbird. We were entertained by watching these animals.

The movie was boring. Kai escaped the room after it talked about Pangea and gave a history of how Harrison’s Cave was formed,  etc. I’m glad he sat through some of it.

But he wanted to go back and watch the lizard. I went with him. We stayed until the short movie was over. We all had to wait for the tram to come. This time we couldn’t go back to the room and watch the lizard because we were exiting through another door. I sang songs with Kai. And, I brought his little Melissa & Doug Water Wow! Coloring pad.

The tram ride was about 45 minutes or so. We were able to disembark on two stops. One was to see the rock formations. The other was to see a beautiful natural waterfall.


Kai fell asleep on the tram and stayed asleep until we went out to the shops.

The ride back to the ship was good. And, it started to rain. Oh, Kai seems to like to suck on lemons, so we gave him one on the ride back. He loved it! When we got to the shops near the port, we noticed a Barbados Harley Davidson! There was a small motorcycle rider for Kai, so we snapped a few shots there.


Let’s Sum Up!

Transportation method:  Private Taxi (a sedan) with a brief scenic tour
Transportation Cost: $80 USD
Location: Cruise port to Harrison’s Cave
Distance: 30 minutes from port
Cost for cave admission: $31/person for three adults – Kai was free (under 2) = just under $93 with exchange rate conversion

If we went through the cruise….

Cruise excursion Harrison’s Cave shore excursion with scenic drive= $129/person = $387 (for 3 adults)

What we paid…

Total Cost for the 3 adults and one child under 2 = $80 (transportation) + $93 (cave admission with tram tour (for 3 adults) = $173 USD

What we saved…

We saved a total of $214 by going on our own to the cave.

Thank you for reading!

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