St. Lucia Trolley Train

Sunday, 2/18/18
Castries, St Lucia Island
Docked: 8am
All Aboard: 4:30pm

Our excursion didn’t start until 1:50pm. My parents decided to sit this one out. We have a $50 shore excursion credit per cabin, and this one was $45 a pop. Kai doesn’t have to pay because he is under 2.

Morning Time

We had the morning to hang out and get ready. We all went for breakfast. Then, I took Kai swimming. First in the kiddie pool. Then in the regular pool. I also took him in the family jacuzzi. The temperature wasn’t too hot, so it was nice for Kai to join me. Afterwards, Kai wanted to go back into the pool. I put his floaties on, and it was an icy dip back in there!

The big slide doesn’t open until 10am. Kai and I were the first ones on the slide! And, we must have gone on more than five times because there was no one there! Everyone was probably already exploring the island.

After swimming, I gave Kai a snack, gave him a shower, and then gave him his milk. We went for a stroller ride up on Deck 13 (the jogging track). From there we saw a large shipping port below with machines moving all sorts of stuff. Kai was very amused. He fell asleep after two laps around the track.

My parents were up there too, so I pawned him off while I went down to O’Sheehan’s for a salad and a reuben sandwich. It was really tasty!

Then, I went back to the room to get all my stuff ready for our shore excursion.

When I got back up to Deck 13, Kai had been awake for 10 minutes. I took him down to Deck 12 to the Garden Cafe to grab some lunch for him. I fed him, and we went out to meet my parents on Deck 4. We left the ship around 1pm, and just walked around the shops in St. Lucia.

All main attractions including the volcano, the botanical gardens, and good beaches are over an hour away from the port.

We went around the shops, and I picked Kai up a Caribbean Sea shirt. Then, we went to meet our group for our excursion. There was a decent amount of people signed up for this tour.

The Train Ride – Our Shore Excursion

The train came right up to where the cruise ship was docked. Kai was super excited to see the train! He wanted to ride it immediately! We went inside, and then the conductor snapped a picture of us. After boarding, the train broke down literally 500 ft from where it picked us up!

The cruise organizers did offer everyone the option of not going on the excursion because the train had broken down. We decided to stay.

Kai got a bit antsy and was playing with the kids sitting next to us. The 11 year old boy Kai was playing with did not like Kai touching his shirt or his sunglasses or his bracelet. But, we were kind of all stuck there for about 15 minutes. The parents of the 3-year old girl behind us let us color with them!

Prior to the breakdown, the conductor gave a little introduction and yelled, “All aboard!” Kai kept repeating those words throughout the ride.

When it finally got going, Kai was very curious…just looking around. Every time the conductor yelled “Choo Choo” we were supposed to yell “train”, so he tried to make it fun.

It was a city tour, which included a stop at a local Catholic church. We got out and checked it out. Then we got dropped off at a beach for about half an hour, where we were served either rum punch or fruit punch.

I did bring a change of clothing for Kai, so he wore his bathing suit and sandals. I brought his mini dump truck, so he had fun playing on the beach.

Then we went back to the ship and couldn’t find my parents. They had gone to a ballroom dance class and an evening stretch at the fitness center.

We all went out to dinner at Grand Pacific (the a la carte complimentary restaurant). Kai was pretty well-behaved. Overall, it was a fun day! Although, I’m happy we ended up getting that excursion for free.


-I noticed a lot of stray dogs everywhere on the island.
-We went on a Sunday, so a lot of the local shops were closed and a lot of locals were out and about. That also probably contributed to the fact that the tour didn’t start until 1:50pm. Because on Sundays, the church we visited has morning service.
-They celebrate their independence day on 2/22!

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