Basseterre Beach Day

Saturday, 2/17/18
Basseterre, St. Kitts Island
Docked: 8am
All Aboard: 4:30pm

We woke up around 7:30am. Grabbed breakfast at the buffet. As we were eating, the captain made an announcement that the gangway was closing in 10 minutes because another cruise ship was docking. After eating, we went back to our cabin to grab our stuff and went down to deck 4, where it was super crowded! There were people waiting there to leave.

After about 15 minutes they let everyone go. Keep in mind you have to bring a photo ID as well as your room key card to leave and come back on board. My mother forgot to bring my dad’s key card because she left it in another bag. But, it only took her about 5 minutes to go back up to the room and come back down so we could leave the ship.

Boy were we glad we brought Kai’s umbrella stroller! There was a long wait period before we could leave the ship. As we left, we went straight to the “taxi and tours” booth. We spoke with this very friendly lady who recommended we go to Cockleshell Bay (on the far east side). It took about 25 minutes to get there from where we docked, which was Port Zante. Here’s a map for reference.

There is a restaurant at Cockleshell, but we decided not to get anything to eat there.

Kai had so much fun playing in the sand. We brought two of his sand buckets, some shovels, dinosaurs, and a monster truck. He played with a few other boys on the beach. One didn’t bring any toys with him, one had some fun toys they ended up borrowing from the gift store on board the cruise ship, and the other 3 older boys had a bunch more fun toys and who let him play with them.

We had a chance to go swimming and the water at the bay was very calm for Kai. He also got to collect some seashells to bring him for daddy.

Overall, we had such a lovely beach day. Kai passed out on the way back to Port Zante.

We went shopping around the port quickly before grabbing lunch on board the ship.

Then, he took a 2.5 hour nap afterwards. We were then able to all go to dinner at Grand Pacific, where Kai loved his minestrone soup, brie and fig, and his fresh fruit plate!

Transportation method: Taxi (it was actually a van that took 14 of us) – as a group, we had to all agree on a time to go back to the port (we got there around 9:45am and decided to leave at 1pm)
Transportation Cost: $7 per person / each way ($14 round trip/person) – Kai was free (under 2)
Location: Cockleshell Bay (for a beach day)
Distance: 25 minutes from Zante Port (where our cruise ship docked)
Cost for umbrella rental and lounge chair rental: $5 for umbrella and $5/chair
Cost for pictures with Jimmy, the monkey: $10

Total Cost for the 3 adults for the beach day: $42 (transportation) + $15 (umbrella and lounge chair rental) + $10 (monkey picture) = $67

Cruise excursion for beach day = $59/person = $177 (for 3 adults)  for 3.5 hours (with umbrella and lounge chair rental)

We saved: $110 by going on our own and not with the cruise ship and we got to play with a monkey!

-Remember to bring your photo ID and room key card so you can leave and come back on board
-Bring lots of sunscreen and reapply! The sun here is very strong. Or bring a long sleeve shirt/coverup
-Bring water/juice and stay hydrated
-Remember to relax and have fun

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