Shore Excursions – The Plan

Norwegian Gem
Cruise Duration: 2/13/18 – 2/24/18

Honestly, I did not do much research on the ports prior to taking this cruise.

I felt like I planned out NYC more than the cruise.

Since we got the “Distinctive Package” on board, it includes 250 minutes of wifi on board, as well as 150 minutes of international calling from our state room. It also comes with $50 per day of shore excursion credit for each port per state room.

I am such a lucky girl because I called my hubby back home to send me recommendations on which ports I should or shouldn’t do any shore excursions with the ship. And, he gave me some good suggestions!

Our Current Plan

We have five days at ports.

Saturday, 2/17/18
Basseterre, St. Kitts Island
Docked: 8am
All Aboard: 4:30pm

No shore excursions. It looks like a good place to just walk around the port and shop. Michael also said there seems to b a beach pretty close. We will cab it there in the morning. Do the beach. Then come back to the ship for lunch.

In the afternoon, we will check out some shops and Kai will most likely take his nap in his stroller while we shop.

Sunday, 2/18/18
Castries, St Lucia Island
Docked: 8am
All Aboard: 4:30pm

We are unsure about this time. We are torn between two shore excursions. One is a Trolley Train ride for 1.5 hours which Kai will love. Downside: it starts at 1:50pm and Kai usually naps around that time.  The other one is a city tour and a 90 minute beach excursion: total time is 3.5 hours. This one starts at 8:50am.

The other attractions in St. Lucia are rather far from the port itself. The beaches are about a 1.5 hour drive from the port, as well as the botanical gardens.

Monday, 2/19/18
Bridgetown, Barbados
Docked: 8am
All Aboard: 4:30pm

We plan to all take an excursion to visit Harrison’s Cave in Barbados. It seems like a good one! There’s also a waterfall, so I can’t wait to take pictures. Also, we get to ride on a tram! Kai will love that. The only downside to this is we leave around 12:35pm. We will have to plan around Kai’s nap that day.

Tuesday, 2/20/18
St. Johns, Antigua
Docked: 10am
All Aboard: 5:30pm

I am torn between two options here.

  1. Take a beach day because there are some of the world’s nicest beaches. Kai will have a blast. We wouldn’t take a shore excursion beach day. We would leave the ship and grab a cab and go to a beach and then come back in a couple of hours. Then, have lunch and hang out.
  2. This is more of a me-only shore excursion. It’s a photographic tour of Antigua. It’s a 4-hour shore excursion from 12:30pm. I figure if I do this one, I can hang out with Kai in the morning. If he’s tired, he can take a nap while I am gone. My parents can watch Kai.

These two options are really tough because on the one hand I want to be able to spend time with Kai and have a beach day, but this is the only port where they are offering a photographic tour with a photographer.

Wednesday, 2/21/18
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Docked: 7am
All Aboard: 12:30pm

We are simply planning on exploring the local area and maybe walking to Old San Juan, or going to a nearby beach. Also, we only have a few hours on shore here.

The Waiting Game

Guess we will see what happens. Plans may change depending on shore excursion availability. We didn’t want to book too far in advance because we weren’t sure how we were going to feel. So, we need to further inquire with the shore excursion desk.

Tomorrow is our first day on land! Let’s see how we feel off the boat and what Basseterre has in store for us.

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