Sea Days

Cruise Ship: Norwegian Gem
Cruise Dates: Tuesday, 2/13/18- Saturday, 2/24/18
Departure Port: Manhattan Cruise Terminal, New York, USA
DAY 2 + DAY 3 + DAY 4 + DAY 10 + DAY 11 + DAY 12

DAY 2 – Valentine’s Day

We were really feeling the boat moving more on day 2. My mom said she had one of the best nights of sleep. We attributed that to the motion sickness pill she had taken the night before.

I decided not to take anything. I feel the boat moving, but itā€™s not making me sick.

Kai woke up aroundĀ 7:40am, and I figured out how to FaceTime Michael before his first client of the day. For some reason, Kai hasnā€™t been focused on talking to Daddy. I think itā€™s because thereā€™s a lot going on here, and when Kai wakes up heā€™s still a little confused.

Kai asked me if we were going in a taxi today. I said no, we are on a cruise ship. We are on a big boat! He loves going out and looking outside and seeing the ocean.

My parents gave Kai a Valentineā€™s Day gift.

We had breakfast at the buffet. Then I brought Kai upstairs to the sports court so he could run around and play soccer. He had so much fun!

Because there were storm clouds approaching, we took Kai to the play room downstairs

Then we went back inside and we did a Valentineā€™s Day craft that was given to us by Grammy and Papa.

The Grand Pacific is a complimentary a la carte restaurant located on deck 7. We went there for lunch today. It was pretty good! Kai got some really fresh grapes, and he enjoyed the popcorn shrimp!

Heā€™s been eating very well on this trip!

We were initially going to go to the French restaurant to celebrate my parentsā€™ 36th anniversary, but we decided against it because the only reservation that was available was one atĀ 9pm.Ā Itā€™s too late for Kai.

Every evening at 5:15pm there is a program for the “Guppies”, which is for kids between 0-2 years old.Ā  Kai had a blast running around and playing with the kids. Then we went to dinner at one of the complimentary a la carte restaurants, Magenta.

We were seated almost immediately. However, the service was very slow and unfortunately Kai got a little cranky. So, I had to leave with my Valentine before we got to order dessert.

We did end up going to the buffet and grabbing some milk for Kai as well as a banana and nutella crepe for me šŸ™‚

Then we showered and Kai fell asleep pretty quickly.

Day 3 –Ā Chinese New Year’s Eve

We woke up very refreshed. My mom and I were very unsure about how to dress because we didn’t know if we should still wear a jacket/sweater/long pants, etc. So, we put Kai in a long-sleeved shirt and long pants.

When we got up to Deck 12 to eat breakfast, there were already so many people wearing their bathing suits! After breakfast, we went up so Kai could run around and play some basketball. He can dribble the ball 4-5 times in a row now! He loves running around and throwing the ball.

After the big kids started coming to play, we decided to go back to the room and get my dad who was still in bed. We changed Kai into his bathing suit and water shoes and brought floaties, his hat, and beach towels.

Kai had so much fun playing in the kiddie pool area. There is a pink elephant water slide, and he loved sliding down and playing. He met this other boy named Eli who was exactly one year older than him. They both had a blast playing together…until….the other boy’s diaper startedĀ disintegrating. I guess he had on regular diapers, and it swelled up.

And, to top it off…he ended up having poop in it. So, we had to get Kai out of the pool and called a janitor to close the kiddie pool so they could clean it properly.

I hurried and took Kai back to the room to give him a proper shower. He peed in the toilet right away. He’s been doing very good at potty training. We are slowly, but surely getting there.

For dinner, we decided to go to Orchid Garden. Initially, we were going to make a reservation to Teppanaki, where you have to pay, but I didn’t think it would be worth it.

The Chinese food at Orchid Garden was sub-par. We ended up having to go to the buffet afterwards and getting something to eat. I also think it might have something to do with the fact that we had such food good a few nights ago in New York…but regardless we had fun because we were together.

DAY 4 – Last Day at Sea

Friday, 2/16 – Today is the last day we are at sea. We will arrive at St. Kitts tomorrow morning. Last night we crossed over into another time zone, so we turned our clocks forward an hour.

Kai woke up an hour early, but that worked out because of the time difference.

Today, we stuck to a similar routine. We ate breakfast. Then we walked upstairs to Deck 13 to play some basketball. But, there were some big kids there and the net was up for tennis, so there wasnā€™t a lot of room to run around.

Kai ended up just holding the ball and watching everyone play. Kai and I went downstairs while my mom participated in the poolside dance class.

I changed Kai into this bathing suit, picked my dad up, and we took the elevator back up to Deck 12, where my mom was still doing her class.

Then, I asked my mom to watch Kai while I checked on the tennis. I wanted to ask someone to play with me, but there was a whole family playing when I went up there. So I felt a little awkward asking. Maybe another day!

Kai played for about an hour in the kiddie pool with his little buddies. He loves it. I took him to pee and he went like a big kid. Then I took him down the BIG slide! He loved it.

After that, he ate some fruit and had some Cheerios. Then, I brought him downstairs for a shower, and then brought the stroller up to bring him to lunch. On the way, he looked like he was about to fall asleep, so I quickly grabbed a hot dog and fed him three bites. On his third bite, he slowly feel asleep. My mom made him drink some water in case he choked on the hot dog.

He passed out for an hour or so! Meanwhile, my mom and I planned what we wanted to do for our shore excursions. Want to read more about our shore excursions planning? Here’s the link!

Day 10 – Post PR Sea Day

Wednesday, 2/21 (afternoon/evening) – After we departed Puerto Rico, our ship has been picking up speed! It was a rough afternoon and evening. It was very windy and choppy out in the open ocean.

After we played in the pool with Kai, my mom helped me go back to the room with Kai’s stuff (like she normally does). We have always left my 78-year old father on Deck 12 and told me we would be back. My mom, Kai, and I went down to our room on Deck 9. I showered Kai. My mom was still in the room because she wanted to help. I asked her to go back up to check on my dad.

When we were finished with the shower, my mom came back down to the room and told me that my dad was no where to be found.Ā Back at home, after my parents moved from NY to MA, my dad got lost once. Here is a little background information on my dad. He is 78 years old. For the past few years he has been suffering from some early stages of dementia.Ā  We can all recognize these signs because my grandmother went through a similar stage in her life.

I have spoken to my mother numerous times about how we want to proceed with how we want my dad to live. My mom has come to the conclusion that she doesn’t want to get him checked by the doctors. She does not want to treat him by giving him medications to “slow down” the process. Based on our past experience with my grandmother, the medications, the various ones that were prescribed to her over the years, had changed her. There were some bad side effects. And, we don’t want to re-live that experience with my father.

Fast forward to semi-present time. My mom, Kai and I left the room with our walkie talkies in hand in search of my dad. I guess my mom left him up there for too long that he started to worry about where we all were.

After searching Deck 12 with no avail, I suggested we all go down to Guest Services on Deck 7. We filed a missing person report at the front desk. At that point, we were about to disembark from the port of San Juan in PR. Thank goodness we hadn’t given my dad his stateroom key card. Well, there were pros and cons if we decided to give him his own key card.

Pros: he would have known which stateroom/cabin we were staying in; we could easily locate him if he had made a purchase or gone to the casino to gamble; he would have his photo ID on him

Cons: he could have gone off the ship when we were docked (at any point); he could have gambled and lost a lot of money; he could have lost the keycard altogether

In the end we were glad we did not give him his keycard to hold onto. Because we were about to disembark, the extra security on board the ship wasn’t able to help us find him on board. The receptionist at Guest Services was very thorough when asking about my father’s description. She then spoke with the manager on staff who made a ship-wide announcement. They made the announcement in English and asked my dad to come down to Deck 7 (to Guest Services).

After they made the announcement, my mom went up to Deck 12. A few minutes later, she called me on my walkie talkie and told me she found him leaving the Deck 7 elevator. Thank the Lord he found his way and heard the announcement!

We were so thankful and happy we found him. Phew!

Day 11 – 1st Full Return Sea Day

Thursday, 2/22 – We have already been at sea for almost a day and a half. The weather still hasn’t been too great out there. My mother has been seasick and was last night. She slept a lot.

I brought Kai to dinner by myself last night because she wasn’t feeling too well.

This morning, we went out to a sit-down breakfast at the Grand Pacific, because we didn’t have to be anywhere. We didn’t have to rush this morning, since it was a full sea day. It was nice to just take our time with breakfast. After eating, we went to Guest Services again because my mom really needed some medicine for her sea sickness. She took the pill and within about a half an hour she started feeling better. Thank God for that!

Everyday since we have been able, I have brought Kai to the pool to play. He has enjoyed it so much! He especially enjoys playing and interacting with the other kids. Today, I decided to just stay in and relax, since we had done so much.

My mom stepped in and asked me why I didn’t want to take Kai to the pool. I told her that he looked tired. Even though he is on a nice schedule where he naps in the afternoon, he sometimes gets tired in the morning. And, today we went out to a sit-down breakfast, so he was looking to be a bit tired and ready for a nap. I was going to either relax with him in the room or take him for a walk in his stroller.

My mom offered to take him to the pool with my dad. At first I was hesitant, but after a while she convinced me.Kai will be two at the end of April. He is pretty tall for his age, and he is very fast! I really have to keep an eye on him. I was still a little against them taking Kai to the pool, but she insisted. She got him dressed for the pool, and Kai said bye to me. I did ask them to take the walkie talkie just in case.

I stayed in the cabin to start packing up my stuff. Maybe 25 minutes go by…and I get a call from my mom. She tells me that Kai is tired. I say okay. She asked me to come up to the kiddie pool on Deck 12 and that Kai hurt himself. I’m worried. I get frazzled relatively easily. And when I saw blood on his forehead, I was very angry.

I guess Kai had bumped his forehead when he was running around. He had a small open wound. No stitches were needed. I was freaking out though! I know my mom felt terrible. She obviously did not intentionally mean for him to get hurt.

After I gave him a shower, we took him to the doctor’s office down on Deck 4. The nurse asked my mom if we wanted to file a report with the cruise ship. We said no. Then she asked if we wanted to see the doctor. We asked the nurse for her opinion and she told us, by the looks of it, he seems to be okay. It is just a bump with a small open wound. I asked her if we needed to put a bandaid or anything on it. She said no. Just wash it with regular soap and water when we give him a bath and to leave it open. And it should go away. She said we could ice it, but it wasn’t necessary. I, of course, start crying. I don’t know why, but I just did. I guess I was just overwhelmed with my emotions.

I am a cryer. It was a scary situation because it’s never happened to me before. I guess I wish I had been there to see what actually happened. I think I blamed myself for not being there with him.

I’ve looked back on it, and I know it’s not any one person’s fault. I’m just happy that Kai is okay. Now my mother knows that when I tell her Kai is tired, she should understand that he should nap. Kai gets clumsy and overactive when he is overtired. He looks balance and starts knocking into things.

The rest of the day, my mom did not want to hang out with us. I think she might have been grieving or something. She was being very standoffish.

This day just couldn’t get any worse…

Well, it sort of did. That night Kai had a runny nose. That meant, he had somehow caught a cold :/

Day 11 – Last Sea Day

Friday, 2/23 – As suspected, Kai started coughing and his runny nose got worse throughout the day. He threw up his milk and food. His appetite went down. I didn’t give him Tylenol until we realized he had a slight fever that evening.

Poor kid.

I’m just glad we lasted this long before he got sick. We had done a lot. Gone from cold to warm to hot weather. Then back to cold weather. The cruise ship was completely full. There were people everywhere. Every meal was eaten “out,” yes on board the ship. We were still surrounded by A LOT of people.

Thankfully, today was our very last sea day.

I have to be honest in saying that it was a rough last day for me. Yes, the seas were calm again. But, I was roughing it with Kai.

He was sick and ended up throwing up because he was so stuffy:( I had to stop giving him milk. I felt bad because he was so miserable. Thankfully, I wasn’t sick so I took care of him.

That night, he woke up in the middle of the night with a fever, so I had to give him medicine.

We all made it through our sea days!

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