NYC to Ship

Cruise Ship: Norwegian Gem
Cruise Duration: Tuesday, 2/13 /18- Saturday, 2/24/18
Departure Port: Manhattan Cruise Terminal, New York, USA


Getting there

We caught a taxi after we checked out of our NYC hotel. I was parked right outside of the parking lot for the cruise on level 3 of Pier 88. Its at 48th Street and 12th Ave. In order to get into the cruise parking lot you have to go to 55th and 12th. And when you go down the ramp past the security gate, it’s at 52nd and 12th. It worked out because I had a pretty great spot!

There was a lot of traffic just going from 52nd St and 8th Ave to 48th and 12th. Although I think our cab driver was very confused. He told me the entrance to drop passengers off was at 55th and 12th. Since I didn’t want my dad and Kai to walk far, I told him to drop us off at Pier 88.

He kind of took the long way because he went all the way to 55th from 52nd then went to 48th. He dropped us off across the street because cars aren’t allowed to pick up or drop off on the side were passengers were getting on and off the ship.

Checking in

We got there around 10:35am, and then I went and switched the luggage from the car. I also had to move my car into the lot. A really cute yellow lab inspected my car and let me park.

Thank goodness I bumped into a guy who had a luggage cart who helped me move the bags down to level 2.

Then we checked in our large luggage items, so we didn’t have to carry them.


We waited in line. I guess Kai got really tired while we were walking because he passed out for an hour or so. He woke up right before we boarded the ship, and I had to run and take him to go pee. He’s been such a champ at his potty training! The only thing we need to work on is pooping on the potty.


We were one of the first groups to board because my dad had a problem walking, so they gave us a yellow ticket for special assistance.

When we got on board, we hung out in the lobby on Deck 7. Then, we went upstairs to Deck 12. That’s were the Garden Cafe, the buffet, is located. They were already serving lots of food! And, there were so many people on board already!

My dad must have eaten three plates of food! His last plate was all fruit though.


They made an announcement around 1 that all cabins were ready! So we made our way down to level 9. We got a Mid-Ship inside cabin which has a max occupancy of 4. We were surprised at how much stuff we could fit in here.

There are two twin beds and one fold-down bed and one pull out bed, so four beds in total. I took one bed for Kai and me (since we co-sleep at home anyways) and my mom took the other bed while my dad used the pull out bed.

There is no tub in our bathroom, but Kai loves playing with the shower head.

Kai loves interacting with people on the cruise.


There’s a mandatory drill on board the ship. It was at 3:30pm. Our group is G1, so it was located on Deck 6 (mid-ship). They gathered us into a room (Magenta restaurant) and demonstrated how to put on a life vest and what do to in an emergency. I have been on cruises before, but this was the first time we didn’t need to go outside for them to show us where the life boats were located for our assigned section.

Sailing out

I picked up some Dramamine for my mom and me. She took it around 5:30pm.

We left NY around 6pm, after we were able to watch a beautiful sunset.

Slowly all of our checked-in luggage items were delivered to our cabin. We unpacked everything after dinner.

My parents went to watch a show at 7:30 while I bathed Kai in the shower got him ready for bed.

My parents came back around 8:45pm and by then housekeeping had just come in to offer a turn down service. Kai was already sleeping so I refused but asked him to unlock the fridge for Kai’s milk.


-check in your liquid beverages (they don’t let you carry on drinks of any kind)

-remember your cabin/room number (that’s what they use to identify yourself)

-look semi-presentable (they snap a picture of you for identification purposes and there’s a green screen if you want to purchase a group picture)

-don’t forget to bring your passports (if you are traveling internationally)

-bring a lanyard or something (they give you your own card for your room which acts as your key and charge card)

-be prepared to take a tour of the spa (if you want to enter a raffle)

-there is a special shopping coupon book you can get the first day (we got the papers in our cabin but didn’t take advantage)

-apparently you don’t have a bring a coat or jacket for the drill (you’re seated and inside the whole time)


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