Caribbean Cruise for Four, Coming Right Up!

My parents have offered to take Kai and me on a vacation during Michael’s busy season. It was Michael’s suggestion for us to take a family trip since he is preoccupied. I’m so blessed he is giving us some time to get away from the cold weather up north.

Pre-departure Endorphins

Do you ever get that really excited feeling before you go on a trip? It’s the anticipation before departure and also venturing into the unknown. I’ve been on a travel prep high for about a month now. My endorphins are finally on full speed now that we leave tomorrow.

We are going away for two weeks! First to New York City on 2/11 for two nights then going on a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean from 2/13-2/24.



It worked out well because we are attending a family gathering. It’s supposed to be a surprise.

There’s a lot to celebrate during this getaway. My mom and dad got married on Valentine’s Day 36 years ago. Chinese New Year is on 2/16, and there is, of course, Valentine’s Day itself!

NYC Parking

Parking at the Manhattan Cruise Terminal is first come first serve with no reservations. The current rate iis $400 if it’s 10 or more days. So when we get there on Sunday, fingers crossed there will be an available spot. Our ship, the Norwegian Gem, doesn’t depart until Tuesday, 2/13.

NYC Hotel

I did some research and went with a hotel in Times Square North, near the southern part of Central Park. I chose this hotel because it is about a 16 minute walk to the cruise terminal and a 5 minute walk to the subway station. This is the exact train we take to the birthday dinner. We don’t have to transfer lines or anything. It’s a straight shot.

Cruise Prep – Toddler

This will be the first time Kai will be on a large cruise ship. While this is exciting, I also wanted to take some precautionary measures by calling his pediatrician and asking them some questions about sea sickness and shots, etc. They were very helpful, and I absolutely love his doctor! His doctor called and let me know that Kai will most likely not get sea sick if he does not currently get car sick, since he is still young. As for the shots, they informed us he was up to date on all of his immunizations and for us to just give the Travel Clinic a call.

I called the Travel Clinic at University Medicine in Providence, RI. The doctors there don’t give advice or consultations over the phone. The lady I spoke with informed me the consultation fee is $75 and that I would have to bring Kai there to meet with the doctors. That same day, they would give him any recommended immunizations.

After speaking with Michael and my parents, we decided against bringing him to the Travel Clinic. We figured the risks are all the same when traveling to the Caribbean.

Travel Prep – Adults

My parents and I packed for two separate trips, one for our 2-night NYC trip and one to bring with us on the cruise. We combined our NY trip stuff into one carry-on sized suitcase. We are simply going to leave that bag in the parked car before we embark on our cruise ship.

I’m bringing one large check-in sized suitcase for all of Kai’s and my stuff. And my parents are bringing two carry-on sized suitcases for the cruise. I’m also bringing an umbrella stroller for Kai just in case.

Walkie Talkies! Yes, I’m packing a set so my parents and me can communicate on the cruise ship. I’ll report back to see if the kind I bought on Amazon work well while aboard a cruise ship in middle of the ocean.

RushMyPassport.com_carribean More to come…

While we are in the city, I’m hoping to highlight our time there. And, once we are aboard our ship I plan to send more updates. Bye, for now.

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  1. Mom February 10, 2018 / 7:43 pm

    We love you both and we’re going to miss you 😘 💛💛

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