🐶 Year of the Dog Greeting Cards

This year, Chinese New Year falls on Friday, 2/16. Usually, we celebrate by cooking a big family-style meal or going out to eat authentic Chinese food. Well at least, the most authentic we can find in the area:)

Kai and I will be on a cruise with my parents that week, so I ended up mailing out greeting cards early.

When I was on a Target run with Kai, I noticed this really cute pack of blank red greeting cards. Of course it was in that very first section when you walk in through those large red automatic doors. You know, that bargain section where you just spend way too much time getting more than you had planned on getting? Yeah that one. I’m assuming these red cards were on display for Valentine’s Day. Anyways, those cards gave me the inspiration to get crafty! I also noticed some heart-shaped Valentine’s Day cards, so I grabbed a pack of those and got to work. See the final product here!

Each card is unique because Kai helped paint or color the origami dog face that I folded and designed.

On the inside of the card, I used red card stock paper and punched out circles for the “lanterns”. Initially I wanted to write 新年快乐, which is the more common way to say Happy New Year, but I realized that I could only fit three lanterns on each card with the circle puncher I had bought last year. I ended up writing 新年好 in Chinese. Word for word it translates to New Year Good. It’s another way to wish another person a happy new year, but it just feels a little more formal to me. Then, I wrote Happy New Year in English underneath the Chinese characters.

To make the lanterns I used made tiny holes in the top and bottoms of the circles and the used a long gold twisty tie that was left over from a holiday cookie decorating kit. I simply taped everything down, and voila, pop-up lanterns!

Using a gold Sharpie, I wrote “Year of the Dog” on the front underneath the dog face and “2018” on the backs on the cards (centered and towards the bottom). I finished the cards with a signature from the family.

I hope you like the cards:) 🏮Happy Chinese New Year everyone! 🐶

2 thoughts on “🐶 Year of the Dog Greeting Cards

  1. Mom February 6, 2018 / 9:33 am

    We loved ours 💕 & Happy Chinese New Year to you also😘

    • Avis February 6, 2018 / 9:42 am

      I love them — you are quite the artisian — all your ideas are great ones. Happy New Year to all — enjoy your cruise — we are going on a cruise in April — can’t wait!

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