The Cape Cod Cabin Experience

It was a last-minute trip and totally worth the experience. We knew we wanted to bring Stanley, so that limited our travels a bit.

We booked the trip the end of May, and we left Friday, June 2. We had every intention of making it a week-long trip. We didn’t make it. We were oh so close though.

The location: Peter’s Pond RV Resort in Sandwich, MA. We arrived around 2pm and were able to check in early, even though check-in was at 4pm. When making the reservation we were told we were going to get a tub in the cabin. We got there only to find there was no tub in sight. The only bathing option was a small stand-up shower stall that was smaller than Michael. Other than that, everything looked great! The kitchen and living areas were all updated.

The heated outdoor swimming pool that first afternoon was so much fun! The sun was out, and there were only a few other people in the pool so it wasn’t overly crowded. Kai had a blast. After the pool, we took Stanley for a walk. The dog park was perfect for him! Kai even had some fun in there:)

We were fully aware to bring our own linens and did anticipate sleeping on a queen-sized bed even though we have a king. We wouldn’t typically complain, however, Kai has been sleeping with us since turned about 6.5 months old. He’s an above-averagely sized kid, and I still have my pregnancy weight to lose haha, so it was a bit uncomfortable.

Michael told me the next day that he must have killed 30 or more spiders in the cabin. I had no idea.

The next day, we decided to reach out to management and stress the importance of having a bath tub since Kai is just over one year old, and we were afraid of him slipping in the shower. The management and staff at the resort were very much willing to help us.

The hiccup: the cabin they transferred us to didn’t have a tub either :/ they even gave us the key and everything. Thank God we decided to check the place out before we moved ALL of our stuff into the new one! We had already bought groceries too. They apologized after we informed them of the situation and gave us two other options. Thankfully, both of those did have tubs. We opted to go for the cabin that was closer to the playground area and pool, with the more comfortable (but still queen-sized) bed.

Kai had so much fun in the tub!

On weekends, the resort has a ton of activities for kids. Kai and I got matching dinosaurs painted on our hands one day, and I made him a gimp bracelet that matched his ninja turtle shirt.

We bought groceries, and I cooked most of our meals, but we did venture out to a few restaurants during our vacation.

Restaurants: The first one was Marshland Too and Too’s Tavern. It was packed the night we went, so we thought we were in for a treat! Unfortunately, it just wasn’t as good as we thought. The stuffed quahog was way too buttery, and the seafood was definitely frozen, not fresh.  We were however, pleasantly surprised at our meals at Industry Ale House. It was 5:15pm on a Saturday night when we went in there, and we were the first people seated in the dining area. Everything that we ordered was fresh and delicious…definitely the best meal I had the whole trip.

We spent a lot of time outside of the cabin, which was exactly why we wanted to be near everything. It just made for an easier commute for us traveling with Kai. Some highlights included visiting the Ocean Science Exhibit Center, where we had a chance to see many exhibits; the Woods Hole Science Aquarium and the Cape Cod Children’s Museum. We also enjoyed our library story time at the Mashpee Public Library. They had a wonderful program called Toddle Time with Miss Rosemary that involved singing, reading stories, and making a craft. Although Kai was mostly interested in watching the bubbles and fish swimming in the tank they had at the library. Our last stop before we decided to cut our trip short was the Heritage Museum and Gardens in Sandwich. That place was huge! They had an antique car area, many outdoor garden areas and trails, and several indoor art exhibits.

Overall, we had a great family trip. We did not expect a refund for the night we missed at Peter’s Pond, but they ended up refunding us anyways. That was super nice of them! We just couldn’t wait to go back to our comfy bed.

We are so grateful for taking this trip before we jumped into becoming RV owners. Just imagine us in a tiny RV on vacation…maybe when Kai gets older we will revisit and consider this again. Until then, we will try out different vacationing styles until we figure out what will be our family’s best fit, either with or without our beloved Cairn. He does love daycare, so we will see how boarding goes when we go to Mexico!

2015 + 2016 Recap & Now

It has been a WHILE. We are back to the real world!  So we ended up skipping Milan for the 2015 World Expo, but we are okay with it. There was just so much going on at once and sometimes life gets in the way. Michael was extremely focused on his clients during tax season from January-April, and I was still trying to figure out what path I wanted to take, career-wise. I worked for his parents’ business and his grandmother’s tax practice too.

It was towards the end of May that I landed what I thought was going to be my permanent job for a long time: a position at Hasbro toy company. I was so excited to have secured this job, but once I settled in few a month or so, I soon realized that this was not the right fit for me.  You never know until you try!

In September 2015, I started working at the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs at Brown University, and I had never been happier! It just took a few different attempts at figuring out what was best for me and how to balance that with my family priorities. It’s all about that work life balance, since our family has grown.

We took our first family trip to the Poconos when Kai was just 3 months old, where we rented a house through Airbnb.  It was hard to believe how much stuff we needed to pack for the trip. We had to stop several times since Kai was still breastfeeding and eating around the clock, but we wanted to enjoy our last few days together before the end of my leave from work. It was the end of July in 2016, and I just remember it being so hot too! Thank goodness for central air conditioning in that rental 🙂

After going back to work for two months, in October 2016, I decided to leave my position at Brown University to become a full-time stay at home mom. Since then it has been such a whirlwind of adventures! It has definitely been the most challenging gig I’ve had thus far in my career. Our holidays were very special since we had the opportunity to take an extended family vacation in December to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Kai and I flew down with my parents. This was the first time Kai rode an airplane! Michael drove down with Stanley, so they got to do some bonding. Michael’s parents drove down together and met up with us after their holiday party. This was a perfect time for our parents to spend some time with their first grand baby. They gushed the entire trip, and everyone seemed to have a great time with Kai.

In April 2017 we celebrated Stanley’s 2nd and Kai’s 1st birthdays. We figured this was the perfect time to continue our family travels…we booked an all-inclusive in Mexico for the end of September. However, as the nicer weather approached, we were itching to get away. So we decided to take a leap….by booking a cabin in the Cape. Yes, a cabin. Michael and I had seriously contemplated renting or even buying an RV! We almost went through with it a few months ago actually, but thank goodness we did not. You can read more about our memorable week-long trip to the Cape in our next blog post.