grgWe headed to Dallas to visit my sister Kayleigh, her boyfriend Anthony, and dog, Rocky. We arrived in Texas early in the morning and Christina had planned for the two of us to stop in Gainesville because they had some outlet stores there and she had been looking for a bathing suit. When we arrived, there were only three stores opened in the entire outlet shopping center. Every other store had been closed down and were out of business. We stopped into an Applebee’s for lunch then headed to the large selection of stores we had to choose from. We headed to Gap and Reebok with no success. There were no bathing suits to be found. There was also a kitchen store where we picked up a few items for my sister since they just recently moved to Texas and we thought they may need a few things.

We arrived in Farmers Branch, just outside Dallas, around 6:30 pm. After lugging all of our stuff into the apartment Christina, Kayleigh, Anthony, and I headed to dinner at BJ’s. The food there was really good. Christina and I split the Mediterranean Pizza. It was deep dish, Chicago style, and really good. It was topped with chicken, feta, olives, and sun-driedĀ tomato. We also finished off dinner with a “Pizookie”. It’s a pizza cookie. Basically a large cookie with toppings. We tried one that was a pumpkin cookie with cream cheese ice cream and the other was a chocolate cookie topped with peanut butter and marshmallow. Boy were they good.

The next morning we decided to work off our dinner and headed to Rockledge Park. We brought Rocky with us and headed out for a 2.5 mile hike. The scenery was very different than what we are used to back in Massachusetts. Also, the lake that the park is on is huge. There were people boating all over the lake. We headed down the trail and stopped Ā after about 3/4 of a mile because there was a cache nearby. We searched for our cache and after a few minutes Anthony found it hidden in a tree. This was also Anthony’s first time geocaching so we were happy that he was the one to find it. We continued out on our hike until we hit one of the roads and then headed back the way we came. This was Rocky’s first time going for a hike. He did well and was well behaved along the trip.

After our hike we headed to Target to pick up a few groceries for dinner. Christina and I usually try to take advantage of a home cooked meal when ever we can. We picked up some hot dogs and hamburgers to have for dinner. The apartment complex that Anthony and Kayleigh live at has a grill out in the pool area. Anthony cooked us dinner while we hung out around the pool. Later that night we stayed in and watched “Million Dollar Arm”. It was a movie about a baseball agent who goes to India to find cricket players and turn them into major league baseball pitchers. The movie was really good and I highly recommend seeing it.

The next day Kayleigh had to work so Christina and I stayed in the apartment with Anthony in the morning. Christina and I were getting our guest book ready for the wedding. In the afternoon we went to the mall that is just a couple of blocks away, this is also where Kayleigh works. We needed to get a Texas magnet and Christina still wanted to find a bathing suit. Finally she found what she was looking for. H&M is what paid off with the bathing suit. We also stopped by a bag and luggage store. Christina had been looking for a bag that will attach to her suitcase that we can use while traveling. There were a few good options there. Christina and I both decided on getting a Tumi bag. This was because they also matched our carry-on suitcases.

tumi alpha bravo slimtumi voyaguer q-tote

Since it was our last night in Dallas we thought it would be nice to go out. We headed to Hard Eight BBQĀ for dinner. The offer BBQ by the pound. We got beef brisket, pulled pork, pork ribs, and sausage. The four of us left there very full. After dinner we headed to The Flying Saucer. The Flying Saucer has an extensive list of beers and ciders. On Sundays they also offer local Texas beers for $3 a pint. There were also a few dart boards in the corner and we played a few games before going. Kayleigh and Anthony ended up beating Christina and I most games, although Christina and I did win 1.

The next morning Christina and I had breakfast with Kayleigh. Anthony had to be at work for 5am. We then headed out. Off to our next stop: Little Rock, Arkansas.

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  1. CHRISTINE FALCON October 28, 2014 / 6:33 pm

    I really enjoyed this post. It’s so good to see that you and your sister had a great weekend together. Love & miss you <3

  2. CHRISTINE FALCON October 28, 2014 / 6:34 pm

    P.S. 32 DAYS AND COUNTING!!!!!!

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