Kansas City, Missouri

There has been constant chatter about Kansas City, since they have gone through to the World Series against the San Francisco Giants. This made our trip to the city even more exciting. We planned to go to the Crown Center instead of staying overnight there. Hotel prices were significantly higher because the first two games of the World Series were being played in Kansas City!

Crossing over the bridge we immediately felt the hustle and bustle of the city, starkly different from the more rural and country-like highways leading up to the city.

We opted to experience the city first-hand by heading to the Hallmark Visitor Center, which is connected to the Crown Center. The first thing we noticed was the very blue fountains which showcased the front entrance of the mall. There seemed to be fountains everywhere! Self-parking was available in the garage attached to the mall. As a courtesy, they offered the first three hours of parking free of charge so long as you have your parking ticket validated by a store or restaurant in the center.

There were many small boutiques within the Hallmark Center, and we found our state magnet on our first try. We were also lucky enough to come across a nearby cache right around the corner from the Panera, which was right across the street from the center. Both magnet and caches were complete. For lunch we ate at Farm to Market Bread Company.

Now it was onto exploring the Hallmark Visitor Center. We had no idea what to expect other than seeing some exhibits about the history of the company. Upon entering the VC, there were two women who greeted us with smiles, and one explained that it was a self-guided tour.

We were pleased with how beautiful the center was, and the first few items were saw were extravagant collages that revealed the history and inception of Hallmark. It was really neat to see. Moving along we began to see intricate detail in the works that were on display. Also we saw a rolling film where Hallmark artists, sculptures, writers and painters expressed their feelings about working and their passion behind their inspiration for the products they company sells. We really got a strong sense of the company culture. It was appropriate that small ornaments filled the display cases along with a hands-on make-your-own ribbon machine (basically, you push a button and a small robotic machine makes you a ribbon).

We also took some funny pictures there!!!

After Kansas City, MO we are off to the state of Kansas. Surprising (well to us) fact: Downtown Kansas City is in Missouri. The city’s suburbs are in the state of Kansas. Oh, and Arkansas City is in Kansas. Interesting, huh?

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