The Grand Canyon

After Vegas, Michael and I attempted the 4 hour drive to the Grand Canyon.  However, we were very tired from Vegas, and it was getting dark at that point. So we made a pit stop at Kingman, AZ, where we stayed at a Days Inn for the night.   Upon check-in Michael was sneezing and getting chills: now it was his turn to get the rest he needs for the next leg of our trip. It was Monday, October 13th, Columbus Day. Check-out time was around 11am, and we made the journey to the Grand Canyon.

We entered through the South Rim, and we were happy to find out that it is the only entrance that is open year-round. We would have been able to enter through the North Rim because it closes on the 15th of October, but regardless we made a good decision. We took our time getting there as we stopped along the way. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, and we got there at the perfect time, around 3pm. The sun was shining towards the overlook, so it made for some great pictures.

Michael and I did not stay too long, but we watched a 22-minute video at the Visitor’s Center in the park. We stopped briefly at the National Geographic Visitors Center, which is located a few miles outside of the park, but they pretty much had a gift shop with an IMAX movie. So we decided to just head to the park itself to see it for ourselves. I know Michael was really looking forward to seeing the canyon, and I felt really bad that he now had to feel miserable while we checked it out.

After the Grand Canyon we stayed in Page, AZ for a night. Unfortunately a road was closed so it took us an extra 2 hours to get to our hotel for the night. I would not allow Michael to drive at all because he took care of me when I was sick, but for some reason, even though he was sick, he did not think I was doing him a favor.

The next morning Michael drove for 2 hours through Arizona to get to Utah. Along the way we stopped at Seigman, which is the birthplace of Rt 66, and found our cache there! We also found our magnet during a rest stop=success!

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