Michael and I kicked off Leg 4 of our journey driving down to Portland, OR for the day. It was a beautiful Tuesday morning when we arrived to Tom McCall Waterfront Park where we found public parking across the street.  It was after 11am, and the lot had a special rate for parking after 11am until 7am the next morning. We knew we were not going to be there for that long, but we decided we were going to be exploring that area so why not have a nice parking spot.

We took a nice stroll along the waterfront, and decided to find our cache at that time. Unfortunately after searching for a half an hour we had no luck finding the XS cache that was hidden along the water. We decided it was about that time to get some grub in the downtown area, and we knew just the spot. The Lonely Planet we got specifically mentions a myriad of food cart offerings along different intersections close to Pioneer Courthouse Square.  Of course this is still Starbucks town, so we did notice one right in the square, as well as one on 10th and SW Alder Street where the food carts permanently sell their food during the week. We stopped in to use the Wi-Fi and grab coffees.

The Target on the corner offered restrooms upstairs, but we had to punch in a code we got from the store associate.  It was clean, and it was a great place for us to wash our hands before we got some food. We took a quick walk around to see what was there, and it was very international. The popular place seemed to be the grilled cheese place. However Michael really wanted some pierogies, so we got Polish food. I selected the beef goulash, and both of our meals were quite tasty!

The cache I wanted to do was a bit of a different one because it was at the Central Library…yes, inside! It was a very different type of search for us this time around, but it was fun to do. We read a few of the hints and comments, but did not want to get help from the librarians, so we did it on our own. We were successful, left our mini Frisbee, and then walked out of the library feeling very satisfied.

On our way back to the car, it started to rain while it was very sunny outside. Apparently Portland residents are prone to rain sporadically because as we were walking in the rain, everyone had on some sort of rain jacket or were prepared with umbrellas. There was no rain in the forecast, but we did remember reading in the Lonely Planet guide this city tends to allow Gore-Tex in fancy restaurants.

We got the full weather experience in Portland!  We drove down the Oregon coast, and we are planning on heading down Route 101 and connect to Route 1 all the way down the California coast, which is our next stop…finally: Sunny California…we are looking forward to this part of the trip:)

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