Washington: The State

Our visit to Washington was two-fold. We made two stops on our way to Vancouver from Coeur d’Alene. Here are some pictures of the scenery along the way:

En route to Washington
En route to Washington
En route to Washington
En route to Washington

Our first stop was Bellezza Salon and Spa in Spokane Valley, where I was looking forward to a nice gel manicure before our Alaskan cruise. I made an appointment beforehand. The owner of the salon actually did my nails for me, and it was such a fun and relaxing atmosphere when I first walked into this salon. It was beautiful! All the hair stylists were really hip and energetic. It was a weekday when I went in but everyone was busy with clients! That is always a good sign. I enjoyed my pamper session before hitting up the Seattle area for dinner.

We got a recommendation for dinner at Din Tai Fung in University Village from one of our family friends. I was so excited to have some real Chinese food that evening that I looked up the menu and reviews on Yelp to pre-select all of the food I wanted to order.

It did not let us down. This place was off the chain. It was a lovely modern shopping village with so many different shop offerings. They even had umbrellas outside for shoppers to use. The bathrooms at this shopping village were immaculate! They had sleek new individual stalls with a faucet in each and even an outer sitting area in the bathroom.

We absolutely loved the food at the restaurant there, and really had a nice treat. It started drizzling a bit when we started walking to the car, but then we realized we were in Seattle and there was bound to be rain (hence the free umbrellas to borrow in front of the shops).

The second part of the Washington state trip we were lucky enough to visit Michael’s grandmother Jacki who is staying in Bremerton, which is about an hour ferry ride from Seattle, for the next month or so. We caught the 3:45pm ferry across the Puget Sound to Bainbridge Island, and ended up driving about half an hour to Louie’s house in Olympic Village. It was a nice ferry ride across the way, and we took some neat pictures of the Seattle skyline.

We arrived at the house around 5pm, and we got settled in before they made us a home-cooked meal: steaks on the grill with baked potatoes and vegetables. The steak was seasoned to perfection, and it was really nice to get a chance to stay in and relax a bit that evening after being away on a cruise. 

It was Sunday, September 28th the next day, and we had decided to take the ferry back to Seattle to visit the Pike Place Market and get a closer look at the Space Needle. We departed from the Bremerton dock right in front of the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard where Louie works. It was starting to look like a beautiful day! Over here it seems like the hottest part of the day takes place between 3pm-5pm whereas back in the New England area it is typically around noon to 3pm. Although we realized that once the sun goes down, it gets significantly cooler more quickly. We were in the midst of it becoming rainy season, but were leaving just to miss it.

After the ferry docked, we all walked briskly towards the market, and as soon as we hit an alleyway with a Gum Wall, we knew we were getting warmer. The first stop was the fish market area where we got to see them throw a fairly large fish! The guy did not even wear gloves and he caught the fish pretty quickly.We were not surprised to see an overwhelming number of Starbucks spread throughout the city, since this was its birthplace, and I believe its corporate headquarters are still rooted in Seattle. Louie mentioned that the city had a lot of coffee and espresso competitors due to the popularity of strong coffee in this region.

After exploring a bit around that market area, we took Michael’s grandma and Louie to do some geocaching a couple of blocks away. Michael found the cache easily, and we placed our mini Frisbee there. After that we walked towards the space needle and took some quick pictures. At that point, we were getting hungry, so we walked back towards the Pike Place Market where we at the Pike Place Bar & Grill. This restaurant was really decked out in Halloween paraphernalia already! We really enjoyed our meals there, as Grandma Jacki ordered the Reuben, Louie a salmon sandwich, Michael a burger, and me a chicken pot pie = yumminess all around the table!

 There were golden pigs everywhere around the city, and it seemed as though that was a theme.


We spent the rest of the time there searching for an appropriate state magnet, which we found to be quite the challenge. Because Seattle is so famous, the gift shops played this up over the entire state of Washington. There were many good-looking “Seattle” magnets, but none that were really calling “buy me!” for the state of Washington…until we came across a gift shop called Simply Seattle! Isn’t that so ironic? Regardless, we selected the magnet in this shop, which was right along the waterfront and made our way back to the ferry. It was a lovely outing and on the way back we snapped a few pictures aboard the boat.

The next  day we watched HGTV all morning with Grandma Jacki, and in the afternoon, Michael had scheduled an appointment with Honda to get his truck serviced. He was due for an oil change and a tire rotation so we spent about an hour there, taking advantage of their Wi-Fi and also free 12 oz. latte!

Next on our list is Oregon, where we are checking out what Portland has to offer!

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