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On our way from Minnesota to North Dakota, we were still recovering from a shopping high, so I convinced Michael to shop around for some more formal clothing for our upcoming Alaskan cruise, as there are two evening formal night dinners where we should be dressed appropriately. We did not bring very fancy clothing because we figured we did not really need them. But, after looking through the itinerary we decided it might be a good idea to prepare a few different sets of formal clothing. On our way to North Dakota, we went to a Kohls and shopped for a few hours. We found our outfits!

This next part of the post is written by Michael, as he has a strong passion for this national park we were both really fond of…

This next part is actually written by me because Christina made me write it. Our next location was Medora, ND. Our main purpose for visiting here was to go to Theodore Roosevelt National Park, “The Badlands”. We slept in the car for a night in a rest stop on our way over to Medora. The next morning we woke up early and drove over to TRNP. The park was $10 to get in and there was a 37mile loop trail that went around the south part of the park that we were going to venture out on.

As we entered the park we were instantly in awe about how beautiful the park was. The landscaping is very different from what we are used to in the North East. After driving for just a few minutes we came across our first Prairie Dog Town. There were hundreds of holes in the ground and prairie dogs everywhere. We quickly pulled over to the side of the road to check them out. As you would get close to them they would run and jump in their holes to hide. We spent a while looking at the prairie dogs and then continued on our drive.

It was about lunch time so we found a picnic area where we were able to pull over and have lunch. We had some leftovers in our cooler so we took out our burner, heated them up, and had a nice lunch.

One of the main reasons I wanted to visit this park was to see bison. Just after lunch we came across them. We saw a whole heard of bison off in a pasture. I decided I wanted to try and get close to them to get a good picture. Christina was a little nervous going up to them so she decided to hang back. I got pretty close to them and climbed up a hill so I could try and get some good photos. I noticed a couple of the bison stating to walk in our direction so I decided to hop of the hill and head back to the car.

We continued our drive around the park stopping along the way and taking some photos of the different sights. The park loop was supposed to take 90-120minutes to get around. It ended up taking us 4 hours with all of our stops and photos. We actually ended up taking almost 500 photos that day.

After we left the park we headed to into town and to check-in at our hotel. The Inn that we were staying at was actually behind a book store and we had to check in at the book store. The town where we stayed was very small. The whole town was about 8 blocks and had a very western vibe to it. After we checked in we decided to go and grab some food from the grocery store and get some dinner. Most of the places in the town were closed. a lot of shops were closed for the year and some just closed very early. We came across a nice pizza parlor that had old fashioned sodas and some pretty good pizza.

Today we ended up staying in the hotel for the day. We had a conference call with our wedding coordinator in the morning and Apple was having a live event releasing their new products which I wanted to watch int he afternoon. Every since the original iPhone I haven’t missed an Apple event so it was something that I really wanted to see.

Overall North Dakota was really fun and we got to see some very nice sights. Tomorrow we will be off to South Dakota and to Mount Rushmore.

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  1. falconfamilyblog September 10, 2014 / 4:56 am

    P.S. I added in the “creative” touches to all of these wonderful pictures:) my passion and journey through self-discovery when I’m given a beautiful scenery to work with! Loved the feeling of being at this national park!

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