New Jersey

We decided to postpone camping in New Jersey towards the end of August before we went to watch the US Open in NYC, and we had already been to Atlantic City and the Jersey shore region before. Our thought was to stay closer to my parents’ in New York and explore Northern New Jersey. To our surprise, it was a very nice experience!

There was a lot of farmland and natural areas where we camped, which was at Stokes State Forest. We stayed at the campground that included the hot showers. The camp office was actually located about 2 miles away from the campground and cabin areas.  Before my parents came to visit us the next day, Michael went fly-fishing at the pond and caught a few fish. While he fished, I collected some pine cones (this was for a future art project).

Before we knew it, my parents had arrived to the campsite, and they brought a portable radio, some games, and some fresh fruits. We started a fire and showed them our tent setup and space we reserved. Overall, NJ was a nice time for us to relax, and Michael had a chance to catch  and release some fish too!

We were surprised to find that the northern part of NJ we were in was also considered bear country. During our stay we ended up seeing and hearing small animals and lots of insects throughout the night while we were camping. We saw a really neat heron that was hanging out right near the pond. It seemed as though the area we stayed in was preserved pretty nicely.

This trip to NJ gave us a new appreciation of the state of New Jersey from a perspective we had not experienced in the past, which is the “typically” known portion of the state everyone is particularly familiar with.

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