Leg 2 Endings and Leg 3 Beginnings

Leg 2 Endings

These past few weeks have been more relaxing than the first leg because we had completed a lot of the legwork of planning out the campsite and hotel reservations prior to the 2-week trip.  One downfall of planning beforehand was that we did feel quite restricted and confined to what we had already planned. So we were unable to change our plans if we enjoyed one city over another.

Because we also took a different vehicle this time around, we realized that there were other considerations. One positive change was the fact that we knew for sure that we definitely over-packed during the first leg (if the Honda Ridgeline was completely packed FULL and we were able to fit everything we needed into the MINI convertible). We were proud of the fact that we were more organized in a way.

One negative (for Michael) was he really felt claustrophobic in the MINI. I felt completely “at home” and did not even need my back pillow the entire trip. I really do enjoy driving my car long distances in excess of 3 hours, because it really suits me nicely. The bigger truck makes my lower back ache a lot more when I drive a hour or so. We returned my car to my parents’ and then packed Michael’s truck on Friday, August 29th. It took us about 4.5 hours or so to get to Swansea because it was the Friday before Labor Day weekend and traffic was difficult.

Upon arrival to Swansea, MA we were really able to spend some quality time with Michael’s parents as they took us out to dinner at Ichigo Ichie in East Providence, RI. It was really nice to catch up with them before we departed once again for the next leg of the trip.

On Saturday and Sunday we met up with our friends to get some wedding tasks completed because the next time we would be back in the New England area would be one week before our big day:)

Leg 3 Beginnings

Our main goal for the third leg of the trip is to make a lot more progress to visit each of the 50 states in time for our wedding. The portion of the trip starts in MA and ends with Alaska/Seattle, WA. This could potentially include doing some intensive driving straight through states we had already been to during the first and second legs of our journey. We just need to take a day to mentally prepare ourselves for what is to come. We also just ended up booking our cruise to Alaska, so we could better prepare and plan out our route across the country.

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