Pit Stop

After Vermont, Michael and I decided to make a pit stop to visit our friends Luke and Amy in South Windsor, CT. On our way there, we stopped in a small town for late lunch/early dinner. This grocery store had very fresh prepared foods and sandwiches. It was such a tasty little pit stop with a gas station that sold fresh produce, food, and more!

It was such a nice weekend because we ended up just hanging out together in the area. We arrived there on Friday evening, and the next morning Luke and Amy already had plans to watch The Expendables 3 at the movies. We ended up also catching The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so we made it a movie day! To cap it off we went to get  Asian food for dinner. Michael and I had the chicken lettuce wraps and shared an orange beef and a rice noodle dish. Luke was very fond of the fried rice he had the day before with his coworker, so he went with that. Amy’s dish sizzled and looked very tasty too! I can’t recall the restaurant they took us to, but it had a nice variety of food offerings that ranged from Chinese to Thai to Japanese.

On Sunday. August 24th the girls went to the gym and got our butts kicked by a group exercise class instructor. The boys went to Kohls and got Luke a full suit. It was nice to hang out with our friends for a bit before we went to my parents’ house.

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  1. Luke September 3, 2014 / 8:19 pm

    Jimmy Chen’s 🙂

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