Our main stop in Vermont was Stowe because we had been to Killington for snowboarding lessons  (during the winter)in the past. We figured we would get some reset and explore the town this time around. So, we booked two nights at the Stowehoff Inn & Resort. The inn itself is located about 10-15 minutes away from Main Street, and it is tucked away  nestled in a beautifully lush valley where the Green Mountains were clearly visible from our hotel room. It was country-style inn and the king-sized bed had a canopy over the bed, which was also high up from the ground I had to hop on and off it. It was so comfortable nonetheless.

We have been noticing more and more Europeans and Canadians who travel in the New England region more and more! We have been hearing German, French, and Italian in various locations across our travels. In Maine we even had a couple from the U.K. approach us to inquire what Cherrystones were because they were unfamiliar with them. To tell you the truth, I had no idea what they were so I was happy that Michael quickly responded to them directly (they’re clams, if you didn’t know either).

Before we checked into our hotel the first day, we decided to walk around Main Street and check out the Visitor’s Center for ideas about what we were going to do these next few days in Vermont. We came across some neat brochures about tours to taste Cabot Cheese and, of course, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. After the Visitor’s Center, we decided to have a late lunch/early dinner. It was about 3pm when we were seated at The Whip, the restaurant in the Green Mountain Inn. We were the only ones seated indoors, so we really felt like the restaurant belonged to us! It seemed to be a more upscale restaurant and more popular for dinner reservations, but we surely wanted a sit-down place to eat as we had passed a few mini cafe and sandwich shops. The lunch menu at The Whip had some good options. Michael got the half sandwich and soup: Green Mountain Club and the black bean and bacon soup while I selected the pecan-crusted salmon with roasted vegetables, and mashed potatoes. I forgot to take pictures because we were so exhausted at that point. Oh and we also got some cool frozen drinks: Frozen Banana Mudslide and I got the Mango Mojito. Both drinks were deliciously refreshing, and when we got to our meals, they were excellent! For dessert Michael really wanted to try the restaurant’s signature dish: Sac de Bon Bon for Two, which was chocolate mousse stuffed in a chocolate-shaped bag. It was placed over a pool of refreshing strawberry chocolate sauce with whipped cream!

The next day Michael wanted to head to Cabot for a cheese tour and tasting after we did laundry at the laundromat behind the Stowe Post Office. After that, we drove about an hour to the Cabot Visitors Center. Tickets were $2 per person for the tour which included a short video about the history of the company and its transition and growth throughout the years.  Then, we had an opportunity to see cheese-making at its finest as we were in the factory where we saw them make the cheese from the milk that was gathered from its farmers.

Our favorite cheese was the Adirondack Blend of cheese we sampled, so we ended up getting a block of that for the road. We discovered that cheese does not ever go bad. The way to preserve it is to wrap it in plastic wrap and not to put them in ziplock plastic bags because mold could form from the air in the bag. I was happy to learn that we could store cheese practically forever!

After our Cabot Experience, we headed to Ben & Jerry’s which was about 20 minutes away. We had gone there for a tour the last time we visited Vermont, but Michael really loves his ice cream. So he really wanted to make it a point we hit this place before leaving the state. We ended up waiting an hour before there was an available tour. That place was jam-packed with people of all ages! I mean who doesn’t like ice cream? Michael couldn’t wait until the tour to get a taste of ice cream, so we decided to wait in the long line for the scoop shop to get our very own ice cream. There were some SNL favorite flavors and we both got a few of those to try them.

It was 5:30pm, and by that time a group of people gathered in front of the beginning of the tour area. Our first stop was the MOOvie theatre where we watched a video about the history of the company and its growth/origins. It was updated a bit from the last time we had gone there. So that was nice to see…

When we got to the flavor room, we had the chance to sample strawberry cheesecake! It was really good.

After Ben & Jerry’s we headed back to the downtown area, where I wanted to check out Art on Park, which occurs every Thursday from June to August on Park Street in Stowe where local artists, craftsmen, and vendors set up tents with their offerings for sale. It was neat to see all of the locals, and their talents in creating really cool products. I ended up finding an elegant headband that I think I’m planning on wearing on my wedding day (depending on what the hairstylist recommends, of course). It matches pretty well with my dress, and I figured I would never come across it again in our travels, so why not? We started off at the bottom of Park Street and walked up to Main, where there was a cool BBQ stand. They were barbecuing from an old Volkswagen Bug it was a CarBQ!

We decided to get Chinese takeout because I was craving for some semi-comfort food, so we brought it back to our hotel. The next morning, we checked of our hotel. Our next stop is CT for two nights to visit our friends, Luke and Amy. On our way to CT, we stopped at the Green Mountain Coffee Visitors Center in Waterbury, VT. I love coffee so I really wanted to hit this place up! To our wonderful surprise we discovered a neat and convenient french coffee press we could use to brew coffee for our trip! I was so happy because we had been without freshly brewed coffee for a month now. We would have to rely on hotels or local coffee shops to feed my caffeine addiction. My problem is that I’m quite allergic to many things in this world, and I need my allergy medicine. BUT, when I take that, I get very drowsy, so I also depend on my coffee to keep me awake! 🙂 It’s a vicious cycle, but this portable french press surely should solve my problem.

After CT, we are heading to northern NJ for some camping, and then we are are off to New York to watch the U.S. Open in Flushing…can’t wait!

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