Sss…spiders & snake

Yesterday seemed like one of the longest days ever. Why you might ask?

Well…it started off with us taking down our tent at the Campton Campground in New Hampshire. We were very much looking forward to our two nights in Stowe, VT that evening since we would be at a hotel. So we woke up at 7:30am and started packing up our stuff in the car. During that time, we must have killed between 50-100 daddy long leg spiders that had been taking shelter in our tent for the 3 nights we had been there. I had two buggers crawling on me! And I must have screamed so loudly, so Michael ended up doing most of the heavy lifting=putting the tent away while I supervised and kept a lookout for more critters.

After a long battle with these spiders, a bee was attacking Michael before we got into our car. We decided to make a pit-stop at Dunkin’ Donuts to get some breakfast and coffee before our 2 hour drive to Stowe. After we got our meals, I hopped into the drivers seat and was ready to drive. I went to put a straw in my Thermos cup and lifted the cup up. I SCREAMED and bolted out of the car because I was really scared to find a snake coiled up in my cup-holder. It took a while before Michael realized it was a snake. He didn’t know why I was freaking out, and I really truly thought he had planted a rubber snake in my¬†holder because he was not flinching at all!

Michael stayed calm and decided we needed to get this guy out of our car before continuing on in our journey. He poked the spider with a straw and tried to lure him into my blender bottle, but I ended up stopping him before he could because I wanted to get a picture of it. That snake was so quick to sliver away into the dashboard before Michael could get a hold of it. We both looked at each other, and he was very mad at me for a short period of time. There we were, standing in the parking lot of the Dunkin’ Donuts. I was so scared to go into my car, and bystanders were confused as to why our doors were wide open and we were standing there. We explained that a snake got into the car and it got lost in the dashboard.

We tried numerous things: turning up the A/C and opening up the vents in the car, banging on the dashboard, opening up the hatch of the car to see if it got into the engine portion, and checking the floor constantly. We stayed there for about a half hour before we decided to just start driving to VT with the snake in the car. Michael took the initiative to drive because he knew that if I was behind the wheel and the snake came crawling out, I would surely get us into a major accident. I agreed with him.

Throughout this time, we were researching ways to get a snake out of a car dashboard online. We ended up leaving all the vents open, and just turning the heat and A/C off and opening our windows. The drive felt like an eternity, as I was extremely uneasy with there being a snake in the car.

Randomly after about a half hour or forty minutes into the drive, the snake pokes his head out of the top air vent in the car. It was looking straight at us! So, Michael pulls over on the side of the highway, and I get out. He proceeds to get his knife from the car and opens up the plastic vent cover because the snake pulled its head back underneath before we could get to it.

We ended up driving to a Walgreens and then Michael took the vent cover off, and we found him inside. I wanted to overcome my fear by attempting to get the snake out using my chopstick skills. Unfortunately, the snake was way to fast for me, and we lost it underneath the dashboard again! Michael was very mad again because he just wanted to slice it in half with his knife, but now we needed to wait for it to come out again.

After Michael drove for about 15 minutes, the snake poked its head out once again! This time, we were ready. Michael pulls over to the side of the highway, and I bolt of the car. He sits in the passenger side seat and takes his knife out. He ends up chopping off the snake’s head, and then used the chopsticks to grab the body, since it was wedged in the vent system, and throws it out onto the grassy area. It was still moving a lot after its head got cut off. I was just so happy and relieved the snake was out of the car. At the same time, we did feel guilty that we had to kill it. We did some further research as to what kind of snake it was. And, here is the link to the Northern Red-Bellied Snake, which is found throughout the state of New Hampshire. Thank goodness they are not endangered or anything!

At that time, I was so mentally exhausted…and we for sure decided to invest in a bottle of wine for the evening and just relax. Wednesday, August 20th was a day to be remembered and seemed like that really didn’t happen, but it did! The events of this day are worthy for its own blog post.

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  1. Avis August 21, 2014 / 3:22 pm

    Christina when you told me about it on the phone it was awful, but when I read your blog, I found my myself laughing out loud and picturing you and Michael trying to demolish the snake — not once, but twice from the dashboard! Believe me — it made by day!!!! Happy and safe travels for the remainder of this portion of your trip!

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