Leg 2: Beginnings

Michael and I were fortunate enough to head back home for a week to catch up with family and friends before embarking on our second leg of our U.S. road trip of a lifetime.

We stayed in NY for about five days where my parents fattened us up by making breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday! They also brought us to the city so we could pick up our passports with Chinese visas in them for our December honeymoon trip. With these in our possession, we are now able to travel into Canada if we needed to. This would give us more freedom too, if we decided to take a random trip to the Caribbean or somewhere else. During our time at home, our family and friends organized a wedding shower for us:) It was so nice to catch up with everyone!

More about the second leg of our trip: This part of the trip involves a lot more camping than the first one. Our plan is to head to Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Adirondacks in NY, and camping in NJ before we head back to NY in time for the U.S. Open at Corona Park in Queens.

To prepare for this leg, we thought it would be in our best interest to invest in a pair of good hiking pants for the both of us because the weather in the Northeast region of the States tends to be quite cooler. And we will be outdoors for the majority of the trip doing some hiking and being one with nature.

In addition, we purchased two sleeping pads rather than getting another air mattress. We opted to go with the self-inflating sleeping pads because the previous two air mattresses we purchased have let us down, leaving us with sleeping on the ground. We also got two new sleeping bags, which could be combined by zipping them together to create a two-person sleeping bag.

We sure are excited to be back on the road! Our first stop: MAINE, for five nights, one night in Portland at the Fireside Inn & Suites and four nights camping in Bar Harbor.

3 thoughts on “Leg 2: Beginnings

  1. Avis Hallam August 16, 2014 / 1:05 pm

    Maine lobster — yum!!!!!
    You two are really living the “good life” so happy for you!
    P.S. Everything went well on the CUG trip – almost!

  2. falconfamilyblog August 17, 2014 / 11:41 pm

    It’s very cold up here, about mid-60s! But, we couldn’t ask for better views and fresh air:) Haha, of course there must have been some tiny glitches with the trip. You have to update me when you get a chance!

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