On our way from NY to MA, we made a pit-stop in CT, where we completed a 5K obstacle race with our friends in Hartford. It was the ROC Race, and it was so much fun! The weather was amazing, and the night before we all showed our creative sides by designing our own race shirts.

During our time in CT, we were super busy…

When driving from NY to South Windsor, CT, where Luke and Amy lives (they let us crash the night along with four other friends: Becca, Mark, Chris, and Priscilla), we stopped at Wadsworth Falls State Park. It was sort of on the way, and we placed our frisbee in a cache in the park. The water seemed to be a bit dried up, but it was still a very pretty park to explore a bit.

After our stop at the state park, we headed to Luke and Amy’s house to hang out, have dinner, design our shirts, and crash for the night.

The next morning (Saturday, August 10th), we all woke up at 7am. Luke and Amy made breakfast for us: eggs and oatmeal before the race. We were assigned a 10AM start time for the race, and it took us about 15 minutes to get to the stadium where the race was held.

After the race, were starving, so we headed to Riverview Pizza for some lunch before we packed to get to our campsite in eastern CT at Hopeville Pond State Park. It was a Saturday afternoon and the pizza place only employed one person, a jack-of-all-trades to cook, take orders, cash, and serve all of the customers. It took the eight of us 1.5 hours to get our food served to us. We headed to Luke and Amy’s to pack up our belongings for camping. Then we drove about an hour to our site.


It was a bunch of our friends’ first times camping, so it was fun to experience it together. After registering and checking in at the office, we proceeded to our site, CN-01. The lady at the office gave us directions so we drove down the road to find a nice large pond with picnic tables and some grills. It definitely did not look like a campsite because there were no other tents or campers set up around, and there were day-picnickers that flooded the tables near the pond.

We all decided to drive back to the main campground area in search of our site. Finally, Michael and Amy found the right location and found out it was not a drive-up site. So, we needed to park at the lot and bring our stuff to set up. Fortunate enough we got there early, before 4pm so we had enough time to do everything.

It was a fun night of telling stories and playing some games. Then, we all packed up early the next morning and were off to Fall River, MA.

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