West Virginia : Short But Sweet

We left Louisville and headed to West Virginia. We were making two stops in West Virginia, one in Charleston and the other in Davis. The way our stops worked in West Virginia we didn’t have much time at either location, but we did have fun regardless.

We had about a 3 hour drive from Louisville to Charleston. I drove the way there since Christina had drove the last time. When we got to Charleston it was about 5pm and we were only there for the night so we decided not to do too much. When we got to the hotel, Holiday Inn Express, they had cookies and coffee waiting for the guests which was a nice touch. We checked into our room and decided to work out in the gym for a little bit. After our work out we decided we would head to the mall that was about 2 blocks away so we could find something to eat. ¬†Christina also wanted to stop in a Sephora to get her free birthday gift, which ends up being some small makeup thing that she doesn’t use. We had our dinner at a small wrap shop and headed back to the hotel to call it an early night.

We woke up early for breakfast. Holiday Inn’s do¬†a pretty good job with breakfast. They had biscuits and gravy, sausage, pancakes, pastries, cinnamon rolls, eggs, and cereals. ¬†It was a good start to our morning and we were off to Davis, WV.

In Davis we were going to Blackwater Falls State Park. It was another 3 hour drive from Charleston. ¬†This time Christina took the wheel. We made it to the State Park Lodge that we were staying in around 1pm and went to see if we could check in early. Unfortunately we couldn’t, our room wasn’t ready yet. So we figured we would go for a hike, which we planned on doing anyway. We hiked down to where the falls were next to the lodge and then hiked to “Balanced Rock” where Christina tested her rock climbing skills. ¬†After our hike we got cleaned up and headed to dinner. We decided to have dinner at the lodge where they had a buffet, it was actually their only option, with fried chicken, mac and cheese, soups, salad, and desserts. A lot of the food you could tell was pre-made and the lodge just heats it up but over all it was good. After dinner we had one more thing to accomplish before going to bed, a game of ping-pong. The lodge had a table there so we were able to play a few games before calling it a night. ¬†Christina won most of them. ¬†I did win one (due a distraction).

The best part about the lodge was where it was located. It was right on the edge of a canyon where you had an incredible view of the surrounding mountains and river. There was an overlook at the lodge that hung over the canyon so you could really see everything.West Virginia was a pretty short stay and we didn’t get to do too much while we were there but we had a good time hiking and the views from the lodge we stayed at made the whole trip worth it. Now, on our way to Baltimore.

2 thoughts on “West Virginia : Short But Sweet

  1. Avis Hallam August 2, 2014 / 7:01 pm

    Don’t forget to have crab cakes (blue crab if they have them) in Baltimore — they are the best! You’re making progress checking off the states — good for you.

    • falconfamilyblog August 4, 2014 / 2:57 pm

      Avis, you are on top of things! Yes, crabs were amazing :0) thanks for the suggestion!

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