Indiana – “The Crossroads of America”

We left Hoffmaster State Park in Michigan and headed to Indianapolis. It was about a four hour drive. I drove half way then Christina drove the rest. It’s a very flat drive drive through the states in this area. There were no hill, no mountains, but there was a lot of corn and hay. Our only stop in Indiana was going to be Indianapolis so we were hoping that it was going to be good. We were staying one night right in downtown then the next night at the airport. We stayed at La Quinta Hotel that was about 2 blocks from the heart of down town Indianapolis. We ended up picking this location through Hotwire. If you are not familiar with Hotwire it is a website that will tell you the location of a hotel, the star rating, and how much it will cost but it won’t tell you the specific name of the hotel. We have scored some really good deals using this and the hotels have been what we expected.

Indianapolis here we come!
Indianapolis here we come!
Cleaning bugs off windshield
Cleaning bugs off windshield








When we got to Indianapolis we checked in at our hotel and wanted to go to the local City Market where there are supposed to be a bunch of food vendors. We got there and it was about 5pm. By that time almost all of the vendors had already closed. The City Market is open until 9pm, but we found out most vendors close by 3pm. We decided to check out the city and look for somewhere for dinner. We stumbled upon Punch Burger and boy were we happy we did. It was definitely one of the best burgers either of us had ever had. I had the Burnt Cheese Burger, a burger with slices of burnt cheese on top, and Christina had the BYOB, she added all sorts of stuff to her burger and it was much too spicy for me to eat.

After dinner we walked around the city a bit more and found our way to the Circle Centre Mall. Christina wanted to find a gift for her friend and look for a couple of other items for herself. She ended up finding what she was looking for and we were off in search of a gift for her friend about 10 minutes before the mall closed. We ended up finding the perfect gift just in the nick of time. The shop workers seemed to just want us to get out of there so they weren’t very helpful when if came to wrapping the gift. In the end we got what we were looking for and decided to call it a night. We headed back to the hotel to call it a night and try to get some sleep for the next day. On the way back we found a geocache location and hid our next frisbee. So if you are in Indianapolis keep and eye out for it.

When we woke up we decided to give the City Market another try. The market is only about 3 blocks from our hotel so we figured it would be worth another shot. When we got there all of the vendors were open and people were hustling and bustling about. We made a walk around the market to see what our options were for lunch. We decided to start with one of the vendors who had baked potatoes. The chicken, bacon, ranch spud stuck out to me so we sent with that and decided to split it since these were the biggest potatoes we had ever seen. After the potato Christina wanted to get some soup and we grabbed a couple of cookies. All of the food that we tried in the market was really good and we would both definitely recommend going there if you ever are in the area.

We walked around the city the rest of the day and went into a few shops and took some pictures of the landmarks in the area. We had to head over to a different hotel that night ,but it was still in Indianapolis so we didn’t have too far to drive. We headed over to the airport hotel where we had dinner, Christina actually used the burner we had to make dinner in the hotel room and it turned out really good. The burner worked out pretty well until later that night Christina tried to use the burner again to heat up a sandwich she got the other day and she ended up setting off the fire alarm in the hotel we were in. We had the hotel staff come to the room to make sure everything was ok. I blamed it on Christina when they came to the room.

Since our hotel was located at the airport we started thinking that we should hop on a plane and go somewhere. We figured we should see if we could get a flight to Puerto Rico. We started to look into that and then Florida. Both of the options ended up being more than we wanted to stay for the amount of time we would have gone for. So instead of hopping on a plane we booked where would be staying the next few days.

Indianapolis ended up being my favorite city so far. It looked like a big city and had the features of one, but it still felt like a small town. There were bike paths and walk-ways on all of the major roads and a lot of historical buildings scattered throughout the city that gave it a nice feeling. Christina also liked the city but I don’t know if it was her favorite location so far. So if you are ever in Indianapolis make sure you go to Punch Burger and the City Market.


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